This website, last updated in April 2017, is based on Sikkim's first bestselling tourism travel guidebook: Sikkim- A Guide and Handbook (first published in 1990 and now in the nineteenth edition). by Rajesh Verma. The website and travel book were conferred with Award of Excellence by Tourism Department Government of Sikkim, during World Tourism Day 2016. Pl mail your suggestions, comments and travel related queries to and I will try to respond to them


Sikkim is a small stretch of rugged land just 115 kilometres by 65 kilometres sandwiched between countries of Nepal in the west and Bhutan in the east. On its northern border towers the plateau of Tibet where┬Čas it shares its southern border with West Bengal which is another state of India. On the world map it is just a speck with an approximate latitude of 27 degrees North and longitude of 88 degrees East but its small size of 7096 sq km belies its richness of culture, customs, heritage, flora and fauna all telescoped into one. By travelling a few hours within Sikkim one can traverse from sultry tropical to alpine climates-and from almost sea level to 18000 ft .



It is a one stop website on Sikkim. Updated on a weekly basis unlike the book on which it is based that could be updated only with a new edition once in a year or two. While publishing the book I became quite adept at using DTP software Ventura and then Pagemaker whereas for the website I have used Content Management Software Wordpress. Minutest details like what to carry, approved taxi fares, interesting excerpts have all been covered. Highlights of this website are: Detailed road maps, town and trekking route maps, distance calculator Information on places of interest, shopping, best time to visit, places to stay and eat, casinos, weather & temperature, rainfall Information on people, local customs, religion, history (including Monarchy and chogyals) and culture Separate chapter on Buddhism, Buddhist festivals and dances Recommended holiday tour itineraries with approximate tariffs to help plan the travel budget Information on travel, getting there, permits and Survival tips for the tourists like what to carry Updated telephone numbers of hotels, tourism, airline, airport and railway offices Quiz and General Knowledge on Sikkim To top it all, the website has hundreds of pictures of Sikkim which I was not able to publish earlier in my book because of cost considerations, No wonder the book and website are the most quoted, copied and referred. This website is useful for the following: Tourists, trekkers, mountain biking enthusiats and mountaineers visiting Sikkim University and college students, Scholars doing research on Sikkim Candidates appearing for exams in Sikkim Non Government Organisations(NGOs) in Sikkim Investors, Donor Agencies and Social workers .


The author Rajesh Verma has extensively travelled and trekked in Sikkim, photographing, researching and documenting all along. He has been mostly residing in Sikkim since birth and is a retired Secretary, Information Technology from Government of Sikkim. A keen photographer, he has authored books on Ham Radio and Computers. His articles and photographs on travel have appeared in many publications and inflight airline magazines. Besides being associated with developing an internet website on Sikkim, he has also produced two interactive CD-ROMs titled "Sikkim - A Land Beyond the Far Horizon" and "Rhododendrons of the Sikkim Himalayas".He is also the recipient of State Meritorious Award by the Sikkim Government in 2006 and Award of Excellence by Sikkim Tourism Department in 2016 recognising his efforts to promote tourism in the state through his book and website.