Environmental slogans

Environment is high on the agenda of the State Government Extensive afforestration programs, setting up of Smriti Vans and ban on grazing have improved Sikkim’s forest coverage consiederably. With the Government exhorting all house owners to paint their buildings green , Sikkim is on its march ahead on becoming a truly green state. The Green Mission was launched on 27th Feb 2006  and this is manifested in various slogans that have been put up on road sides.

Life is green when trees are seen

Plant a sapling earn a blessing

Wealth of the plains depends on the health of the hills

You have not inherited the land from the past, but borrowed it from the future

Nature has everything to meet Man’s need but not his greed

The trees are gods great alphabet  with them he writes in shining green                                    Across the world his thoughts serene

Nature breaths through the trees

Save trees to save life

Trees can reduce the carbon footprint to a tiptoe

Plastic is Drastic

Mother planet is showing us the red warnlng light be careful she is saying to take care of the planet is to take care of our own house

He who plants a tree plants a hope

We are not passengers on spaceship earth, we are all crew

If you see a dust bin, throw the wrapper in

I noticed this following poignant poem written in honour of trees at an exhibition

Trees are the kindest things I know

They do no harm they simply grow

The more they are the much it is better

So let us take a pledge and come together

Stop deforestration and work without buts

Plant two more for every tree that is cut

Against the difference all should care

So greenery can spread everywhere      Anakisha Jain, Army Public School Gangtok