Festival Calendar

Besides places of interest tourists can  visit Sikkim for its festivals and some other events These are listed below

Event                                   Period                     Place

Maghe Sakranti                 14-15 Jan                Jorethang

Lossar                                 Feb                         Pemayantse Monastery

Bhumchu                            March                    Tashiding Monastery

Flower festival                   March                    Gangtok

Ramnami(chaite Dasain)   April                       Aritar near Rhenock

Saga Dawa                          May-June              Gamgtok

Phang Lhabsol                   Aug-Sept               Gangtok/Rabongla

Losoong & Chaams          Dec-Jan                     Monasteries all over Sikkim

Governor  Cup Football    Oct                          Gangtok

Chief Minister Gold Cup Oct                          Namchi

Dasain/Tihar                      Oct-Nov                 All over Sikkim

Namchi Mahaustav           mid Dec                  Namchi

Mangan Music Festival   last week Dec        Mangan


See the Government holidays on the website sikkim.gov.in for the exact dates. Click here to see the official calendar of 2017. These vary considerably as they many of the festivals follow the lunar calendar

Buddhist and  Hindu festivals follow the Lunar Calendar (each month has 28 days). They add an entire month(Adhik Mas)  every  three years. This means that the festivals will fall back on the English (Gregoriann) calendar and then jump ahead to its earlier position, which is why Diwali jumps between November and October. The same is the case with Loosong which jumps between first week of December to the last week of December. Sometimes Losoong spills over by one or two days to January next year and this  sometimes leads to a situation when you have two Losoongs   in the same year in the English  calendar  The year 2009 and 2014 had two Losoongs.