Local Phrases

In bigger towns of this region, people understand and speak English and Hindi. But in other places you may have problems communicating and learning the following  Nepali survival phrases would be useful

Good Morning/Afternoon/night/                  Namaste

Thank you                                                          Dhanyanwad

Why?                                                                  Kina?

What?                                                                 Ke?

How?                                                                   Kasari?

Where?                                                               Kaha?

When?                                                                                Khaile?

How much?                                                        Kati?

Where is ….?                                                      …. kaha cha?

What is this?                                                      Yo ke ho?

Does this bus go to ….?                                   Yo bus …. jancha?

When does this bus leave?                             Yo bus kati baje jahan cha?

How far is ….?                                                    …. kati tado cha?

May I take a photograph?                               Ma photo linu chakchu?

Please take me to ….                                          Mlayi …. lage do

Where can I stay here?                                    Mo kaha basno shakcho

Where does this road go?                               Yo bato kaha chancha?

Do you have a room vacant?                          Room cha?

Where will I get good food?                            Ramro khana kaha payoncho

From where can I get ….?                                                 ….Kaha deke payoncha?

What is available?                                             Ke paincha?

Get me a cup of hot tea                                     Ek cup tato chay lano

The bill please                                                    Bill laono

Please hurry                                                       Chito

Please halt                                                          Roko

Please move                                                       Hino

How long will it take?                                       Kati time lagcha?

What is your name?                                          Nam ke ho?

Please come here                                               Yah auno hos

Who was it?                                                       Kho thio?

Hot water                                                            Tato pani

How much do I pay?                                         Kati paisa bhayo?

What time does it open?                                  Kati baje kholcha?

I don’t understand                                             Ma Bujena

Can you repeat that ?                                       Feri Bhanno Hous

Can you reduce the price?                               Daam Ghatayono Hous

Many places in this area derive their from the physical, natural or manmade features they are associated with. Some places even get their names from the day on which the Hat (Market) is held. For example at Mangalbarey the hat is held on Tuesday (Tuesday is Mangal in Nepali).

Sikkim                  New House

Denzong             Valley of rice

La                         Pass

Chu                      River

Tso (Tho)           Lake

Thang                  Flat Land

Ri                          A  mountain

Kang                    Perpetual snow

Rang                    River

Ai                         Sister

Yabla                   Sir

Aku                      Brother

Daju                     Elder brother

Bhai                     Younger brother

Bhowju                Wife of elder brother

Bhowari               Wife of younger brother

Kaka                    Elder uncle

Mama                  Maternal uncle

Maiju                   Maternal uncle’s wife

Phu Phu              Father’s sister

Khancha             Youngest brother

Kanchi                 Youngest sister

Cheta                   Eldest son

Maila                   Second son

Saila                     Third son

Nati                      Grandson

Natini                   Grand daughter

Bhatij                   Nephew

Keta                     Boy

Keti                      Girl

Chora                   Son

Chori                    Daughter

Nathula               The pass of the listening ear

Samdong             The place facing the bridge

Cholamu              The lake of the goddess

Khukri                 Knife

Doko                    Basket made of bamboo

Chembo               Saint

Tashi Delek        All purpose greeting, welcome, good luck