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This section has been the Upper Selling Point of my book “Sikkim- A guide and handbook” ever since 1990 when it was first published. It has helped many candidates to pass competitive examinations: even the examiners have used this question bank to set the question papers. 

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What is the total area of Sikkim in square kms ?   7,096 sq. km

Name the countries with which Sikkim shares its borders.  Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet

Name the state with which Sikkim shares its border.  West Bengal

Name the district headquarters Sikkim? North -Mangan, South-Namchi, East- Gangtok, West – Gyalshing

Name the third highest mountain in the world  Kanchendzonga

Name the major river of Sikkim. Tista

Name the place in the Sikkim which has the lowest altitude. The confluence of Tista and Rangit near Melli at 1100 ft above mean sea level

Lachung chu is the tributary of which river. Tista

Where do the rivers Lachen chu  and Lachung chu meet? Chungthang

Ramam chu is the tributary of which river? Rangit

Besides Tista, name one other river that flows out of Sikkim? This river is located in east Sikkim.   Di-chu or Jaldhaka river

Name the river that demarcates the boundary between West Bengal and West District of Sikkim. Ramam river

There are two rivers that demarcate the boundary between South District and West Bengal. Tista is one. Name the other.     Rangit river

Name the river that demarcates the boundary between South District and  East District.    Tista

Name three rivers that demarcate the boundary between South and West District. Rangit, Relli and Rungdung

Name the river that demarcates the boundary between South and East District. Tista

Name the river Rathong chu meets to become Rangit river. Relli chu

Name the river that is formed after Tista meets Brahmaputra in Bangladesh. Jamuna

Name the river that meets Rangit at Legship.  Kalej Khola

Name the mountain range between Sikkim and Bhutan.    Pangola range

Name the mountain range between Nepal and Sikkim.    Singelila range

Sikkim also has a plateau. In which district is it located?     North District

Name the place where Tista enters West Bengal fully. Triveni or Chittrey near Melli. From Rangpo to Melli, Tista flows between West Bengal and Sikkim

Name the river from which Gangtok derives its drinking water      Ratey chu

Name the highest mountain  in the West District.      Kanchendzonga

Name the big lake at Kupup.     Bidan Tso

Name the place where the River Rangit meets River Tista.  Chit­trey, Melli

Name the place where River Tista and River Rongichu meet.   Singtam 

In which district is the Lonak valley located.   North District

Name the source of River Tista. Cholamu Lake/Khangchung cho/Tista Khangtse

Name the river that you cross when entering Singtam from Rangpo. Rongichu

Name the river that you cross when you enter Sikkim from West Bengal at Rangpo. Rangpo Chu

Name the source of River Rangit.  Dud pokhari/Rathong Glacier/ Omecho

Name the river that originates from Menmeisto lake.  Rangpo chu

Nathula and Jelepla are on which border of Sikkim? Eastern, Tibet-Sikkim Border

The Chiwabhanjang pass is on which border of Sikkim? Western, Nepal-Sikkim

Chorten Nyimala pass is on which border of Sikkim? Northern, Sikkim-Tibet Border

Name the largest glacier of Sikkim  Zemu Glacier

Name the pass that connects the Lashar Valley to the Yumthang valley: Sebula

Name the lake on the Gangtok- Nathula highway.   (Tsomgo)Changu Lake

Phurcha-chu(Reshi) and Yumthang have hotsprings. Name the other hotsprings.    Taramchu, Yumeysamdong, Ralang(Polot)   and Borong

Name the river that flows next to the Yumeysamdong hotspring. Sebu chu

Name the river on the banks of which the Phurchachu hotsprings are located. Rangit river

Name the nearest railway station to Sikkim.   Ghoom

Name the four great caves of Sikkim. Larinvigphu,Kadosanphu,Pephu, Dechhenphu. These are located in the North, South, East and West directions of the holy monastery of Tashiding respectively

Name the holy cave adjacent to a hotspring.  Kadosangphu

Name the holy cave near to Mount Narsingh and the Relli chu river. Larinyingphu

Name the trijunction of Sikkim, West Bengal & Nepal  Toriphule near Phalut

Name the trijunction of Bhutan, Sikkim  & Tibet  Batangla

Name the trijunction of Sikkim, West Bengal and Bhutan  Rachela on Pangola range

Name the trijunction of Sikkim, Nepal  and Tibet  Jonsang

Name the largest district of Sikkim  North District, 4226  sq km 

Name the smallest district of Sikkim   South District,750sqkm

Name the country with which Sikkim has the longest border.Tibet,220 kms

With which country does Sikkim have  the shortest border.  Bhutan(approx.33 kms)

Name the highest peak on the eastern  border of Sikkim. Paunhri(Lopno Kyangzong)

Name the second highest mountain in Sikkim.  Kabru

Name the Peak in Bhutan that you see from Nathula: Chomolhari

Sikkim has four districts. How many administrative sub-divisions does it have?  9

How many states including Sikkim constitute the North East Council? Eight

What do the following local geographical words stand for

La: Pass
Tso: Lake
Chu: River
Thang: Flat land
Ri: Mountain
Cholamu: The Lake of the Goddess    

Why is 9th mile in Sikkim famous.? Because it is a dangerous landslide zone. It is located 9 miles away from Gangtok on the National highway 10

Why has the B2 landslide area on the North Sikkim Highway been given this name? The Bridges on the North Sikkim Highway are called Bridge1(B1), Bridge 2(B2) and so on. The land slide is located close to Bridge 2 (B2) on the Ratey chu river. Hence the name B2 slide.

Name the place in North Sikkim where a massive landslide took place on 11th Sept 1983 killing many.? Manaul

Name the places from where you can drive into Sikkim from West Bengal. Rangpo, Melli, Ramam and Reshi. From Aritar near Rhenock also there is a road that enters a kilometer into West Bengal.

Name the river that you crossto enter into North District if you take the Kabi route.Ratey Chu

Which is the shortest road  route between Gangtok and Yoksum? Gangtok-Ravongla-Tashiding-Yoksum

What are the three trekking routes that you can take to reach Tendong? From Damthang, from Parbing and from Samduptse.

Supposing a landslide blocks the road at Changu, what is alternate route that you can take to reach Nathula. Gangtok-Rongli-Kupup-Nathula

If the road between Pelling and Yoksum is blocked because of a landslide, how do you reach Yoksum from Gyalshing? Go via Legship and Tashiding

Name the waterfall that you come across while driving from Tashiding to Yoksum. Fambrong

Total Bermoik is located in South District. In which District is Hee-bermoik located? West District.

Hee-Gyathang is located in Dzongu, North District. Where is Hee-Yangthang located? West District near Dentam

Can you see Darjeeling from Gangtok? Yes you can

Where are the Kanchendzsonga Waterfalls? Between Pelling and Yoksum

Where are the Seven Sister Waterfalls?Between Phensang and Phodong in North Sikkim

Name the river that you cross immediately after Kabi on the way to Phensang. Bakcha chu

In which District are the following places located in a) Jorethang b)Nayabazar c)Legship     a)South b)West c) South

Name the river that you cross when you travel between Rorathang and Rhenock. Rangpo chu

Name the river you cross when you travel from East District to North District. Ratey Chu

Tista Stage V is located near Singtam, Where is stage III located? Near Chungtang

Name the river you cross as soon as you leave Nayabazar for Darjeeling. Ramam

Why is it that a temperature of 25 degrees celcius is considered hot in Gangtok wheras cool in Delhi? Because of the high level of humidity in Sikkim that prevents evaporation of sweat from the skin.

Give two reasons why it snows heavily in Srinagar which has an altitude of only 5000 ft whereas it hardly snows at altitudes upto 7000 ft in Sikkim. (a) Srinagar is more towards the North and has a higher latitude b) The Bay of Bengal which is 600 kms away keeps Sikkim relatively warm.

Name some pairs of places in Sikkim that have the same names

Reshi  in East District near Rhenock and Reshi in West District near Legship.
Majitar in East District near Rangpo and Majitar in South South near Jorethang
Martam in East District near Rumtek and Martam in West District near Kaluk
Dhupidara in East District near Singtam and Dhupidara in West District near Labdang


What does Sukhim in Limbu language  mean?   New House

What does Denjong mean?  Valley of Rice

What does”Gahn-toh”(Gangtok)  mean? The Hill Top

In whose memory has the White Hall been built? Sir James Claude White

Who was Khye-Bumsa? Bhutia Chieftan

Who was Tetong Tek?  Lepcha Chieftan

Name the place where the treaty between the Tetong Tek and Khye-Bumsa was signed.  Kabi Longstok

Name the kings of Sikkim with date in chronological order


NameYear of AccessionImportant events
Phuntsog Namgyal (1604 -1670)1642Consecrated as the first Chogyal of Sikkim. Established capital at Yoksum.
Tensung Namgyal (1644 - 1700)1670Capital shifted from Yoksum to Rabdanste

Chakdor Namgyal (1686 - 1717) 1700Half sister Pendiongmu tried to snatch throne. Chakdor had to flee to Lhasa but was reinstalledas king with help of the Tibetans.
Gyurmed Namgyal ( 1707 - 1734) 1734
Namgyal Phuntsog (1733 - 1780)1734Nepalis make attacks in Sikkim
Tenzing Namgyal (1769 - 1793)1780
Tsugphud Namgyal ( 1785 - 1863) 1793Capital shifted from Rabdantse to Tumlong. Signing of treaty of Titalia in 1817 between Sikkim and British India in which territories lost to Nepal are resotred to Sikkim. Darjeeling gifted to British. Hostilities between British India and Sikkim and signing of treaty of 1861 in which Darjeeling is annexed to British India
Sidekong Namgyal1863
Thutob Namgyal (1860 - 1914)1874Claude White appointed as the first Political Officer of Sikkim in 1889. Capital shifted from Tumlong to Gangtok in 1894
Sidekong Tulku (1879 - 5.12. 14)2.1914Oxford educated
Tashi Namgyal (26.10.83- 2.12. 63)5.12.14Many administrative reforms done.Treaty of 1950 signed between Sikkim and India.
Palden T.Namgyal (22.5.23-30.1 82) 2.12.63Sikkim becomes the twenty second state of India in 1975. Institution of the Chogyal abolished.


What does the term ‘Chogyal’ mean? King/Maharaja

Name the first Chogyal of Sikkim?  Phunstok Namgyal

Where was the first Chogyal of Sikkim crowned and consecrated? Yoksum

What did Latsun Chembo, Sempa Chembo, Rinzing Chembo do at Yok­sum? They crowned the first Chogyal of Sikkim

What does Yuksam mean?  Meeting place of the three superior ones

Where was the first capital of Sikkim  established? Yoksum

Name the Chogyal who ruled the longest   Tsudphud Namgyal(1793-1863)

Name the Chogyal who was murdered by  his half sister Chakdor Namgyal

Name the Chogyal who shifted the capital from Yoksum to Rab­danste   Tensung

Name the Chogyal who shifted the capital from Rabdanste to Tumlong  Tsudphud

Name the Chogyal who shifted the capital from Tumlong to Gangtok  Thutob

Name the Chogyal who introduced the system of sending one son to the monastery.  Chagdor Namgyal

Who was Satrajit? He was  Sikkimese General named Chuthup who drove out the Gorkha invaders from Sikkim seventeen times

Name the Limbu chieftan who gave his daughter in marriage to the Second Chogyal of Sikkim  Yo Yo Hang

During the almost uninterrupted rule of the Namgyal Dynasty, name the person who self appointed himself as the King of Sikkim.  Chindzod Tamding

Name the two Britishers who were imprisoned in Tumlong in 1849? Hooker and Campbell 

During the middle of the last century Hooker visited Sikkim. Who was he? Botanist

What were the people who minted coins for the Sikkim Durbar known as? Taksaris

Name the Taksari whose statue is installed at Rangpo Bazar? Chandra bir Taksari

When was the first treaty between Independent India and Chogyal of Sikkim signed? 1950

Name the crown prince who was a pilot and died in a plane crash  Paljor Namgyal

In which year was Palden Thondup Namgyal coronated as the Twelfth Chogyal of Sikkim? 4.4.65

What was the maiden name of Gyalmo before she got married to Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal?  Hope Cooke

Name the book authored by Gyalmo Hope Cook? Time Change

In 1817 a treaty was signed between the British and Nepal by which lands lost by Sikkim to Nepal were restored to Sikkim. Name this Treaty. Treaty of Titalia.

When was Darjeeling gifted to British India? 1835

Who was the first Political officer of Sikkim? James Claude White

Who was the first Governor of Sikkim? B.B. Lal

Who was the first Chief Minister of Sikkim? Kazi Lendup Dorjee

In 1884,Colman Macaulay visited Sikkim to explore the possibility of a trade route between Sikkim and Tibet.Which area did he wish this route to go through ? The Lachen Valley/Thangu Valley

When was the Galing Treaty signed ? It was signed secretly between Sikkim and Tibet in 1886 at Galing in Tibet. It stipulated that Sikkim would be under the control of Tibet and China and that foreigners would not be permitted to cross the Sikkim Tibet border.

In which year did the British clash with the Tibetans on the Eastern border of Sikkim? 1888

Name the Viceroy who visited Sikkim. Lord Linlithgow in 1940

When did Lady Mountbatten the wife of the Viceroy of India visit Sikkim? In August 1947

During the reign of which Chogyal was postal mail attempted to be sent by rockets to Sarmasa, Ranipul and Rumtek? Tashi Namgyal in the 1930s

Name the place where a war memorial was constructed by the Brit­ish in memory of soldiers who died in clashes with the Tibetans. Gnathang

What do you understand by the terms Jharlangi, Bhethi, Kuruwa and Khalo Bhari?

Jharlangi was the system of unpaid labour recruited by the Government for the purpose of construction of road and bridges. The British expeditions resorted to Jharlangi extensively. Bhethi was the system of each household providing  unpaid labour to Mandals and Kazis for a fixed number of days in a year. Kuruwa was again a type of labour conscripted to carry the luggage of Government officials passing through the villages. Khalo Bhari, as its name implies, were goods that were packed in black tarpaulin to be illegally exported to Tibet

What were adhiadars and kutdars? Adhiadars were engaged to cultivate on condition that they rendered half their produce to the owner; kutdars wee engaged to cultivate on condition that they rendered a stipulated amount of crops to the owner

Name the first Indian Political Officer of Sikkim. Harishwar Dayal

What does Sidlon mean?  Dewan or Prime Minister

Who was the first Dewan of Sikkim?  John Lall

When was the Tripartite Agreement between the Government of India,the Chogyal and the political parties aiming at one man one vote signed?  8th May 1973

When did the first hydel project become operational?

It was located at Ranikhola below present day Sichey Busty. Having a capacity of 50 KW, it became functional on 27th May 1927.  It’s sub-station was located at STNM Hospital.

Where was Pawan Chamling born? Yangang

Name the Sikkimese who was awarded the Victoria Cross during the Second World War for showing exceptional bravery on the Burma Front. Ganju Lama

In the erstwhile kingdom of Sikkim, what was the name of the higest medal/award? Dorjee Pema

What is the highest civilian award in Sikkim? Sikkim Ratna

Who was the Chief Minister of first popular government formed in 1949? Tashi Tsering

In which year the Sikkim State Council was constituted?- In 1953

What was the total strength of first Sikkim State Council?- 17 members (12 elected and  5 nominated)

In which year the 2nd Sikkim Council’s  election was held? – 1958

What was the the total member of 2nd Sikkim State Council? 20 members.

In which year the Sangha  seats in Sikkim was created?- In 1958

Name the Proclamation that created  a Sangha seat in Sikkim? – The Royal Proclamation of 1958

In which year the 3rd election  to Sikkim State Council was held ? 1967     When the 4th election to Sikkim State Council was held ?  In 1970     Name the Political Party that won got elected in the Assembly election of 1985 ?  Sikkim Sangram Parishasd.

Name the only plainsman who got elected in Assembly election of 1985 ?  Balchand Sarda

When were the general elections during the merger and the post merger period held and name the parties which were returned to power? 1st – 1974 Sikkim Congress,  2nd -1979 – Sikkim Jananta Parisad later renamed Sikkim Pradesh Congress,         3rd – 1984 Sikkim Sangram Parisad,      4th – 1989 Sikkim Sangram Parisad,          5th – 1994 Sikkim Democratic Front 6th-1999 Sikkim Democratic Front 7th – 2004-Sikkim Democratic Front, 8th-2009 Sikkim Democratic Front 9th – 2014

Name the Political Officers of Sikkim in chronological order.

James Claude White 1889
Charles Bell 1905

O’Connor, Bailey, Campbell, Weir, Gould Macdonald, Williamson, Hopkinson, Richardson, Ludlow, Sherrif, Dhondup, Rivett-Carnac, Fletcher, Russell, Hailey, Battye, Sakerr, Kennedy, Vance, Worth, Sinclair, Gloyne, Davis, Mainprice, Flinch, Dark, Thornburgh and Robins served as Political Officers for about an year each.

Post independence

 Harishwar Dayal 1947
Appa B. Pant 1951
 Indrajit Bahadur Singh 1960
 V.H. Coelho 1966
 N.B. Menon 1968
K.S. Bajpai 1971
B. Singh 1972
Gurbachan Singh 1973

What did the 35th Amendment of the Constitution of India passed on 5th Sept. 74 aim at?  It made Sikkim an Associate State of India

When did Sikkim become an Associate State of India? 4.9.74

When did Sikkim become a full-fledged State of India? Sikkim became a full fledged state of India with the passing of the 36th Amendment on 26th April 1975. The formal merger took place on  16th May 1975.

What did the 36th Amendment of the Constitution of India passed on 26th April 75 aim at? It made Sikkim the 22nd State of India.The formal merger took place on 16 th May 1975

When was the referendum seeking the full merger of Sikkim with India held? 14 th  Apr’75

What was the aim of the Representation of the People (Ordinance), 1979? It withdrew the reservation of seats for the Nepali commu­nity

What was the title given to the person who minted coins for Sikkim?  Taksari

Name the first Bank that was opened in 1899 at Gangtok. This bank was also the official bank of the Sikkim Durbar.  Jetmull and Bhojraj

Name the metal that was mined extensively in Pacheykhani and the Rateypani areas of Sikkim during the second half of the 19 th century. Copper

What is the importance of the treaty of 1861?

Sikkim resorted to making attacks into British territories  and kidnapping British subjects and it was in November 1860 that the British sent an expeditionary force to Sikkim. This force was driven back from Rinchenpong in Sikkim. A stronger force was sent in 1861 under the command of Colonel J.C. Gawler  that resulted in a showdown  and the signing of a treaty between the British and Sikkimese the same year. This treaty signed by Ashley Eden  and Sidekong Namggyal on 28th March 1861  cancelled all the previous treaties signed between Britain and Sikkim and Sikkimese territories in occupation by British India were restored to Sikkim. After the signing of this treaty, the Raja of Sikkim came to be known as Maharajah.

When did Col. Younghusband lead an Expedition to Lhasa? 1903-04

Name the place where about 500 Tibetans were massacared by the Army led by Younghusband. Chumik Shenko near Gyanste

What is the significance of the Anglo Chinese Convention?

Alarmed by the defeat of the Tibetans and apprehending that they would lose influence over Tibet, the Chinese began negotiations with the British that finally resulted in the signing of the Anglo-Chinese  convention on 17th March 1890.

What is the Lhasa Convention?

The  treaty  dictated by Younghusband on Tibet on 7th September 1904. is  known as the Lhasa Convention. The treaty secured monopoly trading privileges in Tibet for the British. Tibet agreed to adhere by the Anglo-Chinese Convention of 1890  and to recognise the border between Sikkim and Tibet.

There is a memorial at Nathula pass  to honour the approximately 100 Indian soldiers who died fighting a battle with the Chinese. When did this battle take place? September 1967

When was trade through Nathula restored after 44 years 6th July 2006

What does the Nehru stone at Nathula pass signify? It signifies the visit of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Nathula in 1958

What was real name of Pagla Dewan the minister of Maharaj Tsug­phud Namgyal? Dunyar Tokhang Namgyal

Name the Dewans of Sikkim in chronological order.

  1. Harishdwar Dayal- He was political officer but later taken into administration as Dewan on 06.06.1941 but was again revereted as political officer.
  2. J.S. Lall 11.08.1949
  3. Nari Kaikhosru Rustomji 1954.
  4. Baleshwar Prasad 22.8.1959 was called the Principal Administrative Officer
  5. R.N. Haldipur 1962 was called the Principal Administrative Officer
  6. I.S. Chopra 1969 was called the Sidlon

Who was the first Lok Sahba member from Sikkim?  S.K. Rai

Who was the first Rajya Sabha member from Sikkim?  L. S. Saring

Who wrote and complied the book ” The Gazzetter of Sikkim”   H.H. Risley

Where did the Gangtok Bazar exist before it was shifted to the present day M.G. Marg?       The Ridge between the Palace Gate and White Hall. It was known as the Sadar Bazar.

How many members constitute the Sikkim Legislative Assembly? 32

What number constitutes simple majority in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly? 17

What number consititutes two third majority in the Sikkim Assembly? 23

How many members represent Sikkim in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha? 1 each

When was Governor’s rule imposed in Sikkim? From 18th Aug 79 to 17 Oct. 79 and from 25th May 84 to 8th March 85

List out the names of theGovernors of Sikkim

  1. B.B. Lal (15th May 1975- 9th Sept.1981)
  2. Homi J.H. Taleyar Khan (10th January 1981 – 17th June 1984)
  3. Kona Prabhakara Rao ( 18th June 1984 – 30th May 1985)
  4. Bishma Narayan Singh ( 31st May 1985 – 20th Nov. 1985)
  5. T.V. Rajeshwar ( 21st Nov.1985 – 1st march 1989)
  6. S.K. Bhatnagar (2nd March 1989- 7th Feb 1990)
  7. Admiral R.H. Tahiliani (8th Feb 1990 – 20th Sept. 1994)
  8. P. Shiva Shanker (21st Sept 1994- 11th Nov. 1995)
  9. K.V. Raghunatha Reddy (12th Nov 1995 – 9th March 1996)
  10. Chaudhari Randhir Singh ( 10th March 1996 – 17th May 2001)
  11. Kidar Nath Sahani ( 18th May 2001 – 25.Oct .2002)
  12. V. Rama Rao (26.10.2002-25.10.2007)
  13.  R.S. Gaval  (13.7.2006-12.8.2006)
  14. .Sudharsan Agarwal  (26.10.2007- 8.07.2007)
  15. B.P. Singh (9.07.08- 19.7.2013)
  16. Shriniwas Dadasaheb Patil (20.7.2013-

Give the name of Chief Ministers of Sikkim in chronological order.

  1. Kazi L. D. Khangasharpa 23rd July 1974 (under Associate State and then from 16th May 1975 to 18th August 1979
  2. N.B. Bhandari (18th October 1979 – 11th May 1984).
  3. B.B. Gurung (11th May 1984 – 25th May 1984)
  4. N.B. Bhandari (8th March 1985 to 1990)
  5. N.B. Bhandari   (1989 to 17th May 1994)
  6. Sancha Man Limboo (18th May 1994 – 13th December 1994)
  7. Pawan Chamling (14th December 1994 – 11th October 1999)
  8. Pawan Chamling (12th October 1999 – March 2004).
  9. Pawan Chamling     (15th May 2004 – 2014)
  10. Pawan Chamling (June 2014-  )

Give the names of MPs  of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha from Sikkim

Lok Sabha

  1. Son Kumar Rai (4th Dec1975- 5th Lok Sabha, nominated)
  2. Chatra Bahadur Katwal (22nd Feb 77- 6th Lok Sabha, uncontested).
  3. Pahal Man Subba (1st Mar 1980-7th Lok Sabha).
  4. Nar Bahadur Bhandari ( 23rd Dec 1984- 8th Lok Sabha).
  5. Dil Kumari Bhandari ( 1st Apr 1985- 8th Lok Sabha)
  6. Nandu Thapa (26th Nov. 1989- 9th Lok sabha)
  7. Dil Kumari Bhandari (20th May 1991- 10th Lok Sabha).
  8. Bhim Dahal ( 16th Feb 1996- 12th Lok Sabha).
  9. Bhim Dahal (16th Feb 1998- 12th Lok Sabha).
  10. Bhim Dahal ( 3rd Oct 1999- 13th Lok sabha).
  11. Nakul Rai  ( 20th May 2004 -14th Lok Sabha
  12. P.D. Rai      (22nd May 2009 – 15th Lok Sabha
  13. P.D. Rai  (May 2014-

Rajya Sabha

  1. Leonard Solomon Saring ( 29th Nov. 1975)
  2. Leonard Solomon Saring ( 22nd Sept 1981).
  3. Kesang Namgyal Paljor ( 26th Sept 1987).
  4. Karma Tenzing Tobden (23rd March 1988).
  5. Karma Tenzing Tobden (17th Feb 1994).
  6. Kalzang Gyatsho Bhutia ( 13th Jan 2000).
  7. Palden T. Gyamtso (11th Sept. 2000).
  8.  OT Lepcha    (2006-Jan 2012)
  9. Hisey Lacchungpa (Jan 2012-

When was Nepali recognised as an official language and included in the Eight Schedule of the Constitution? 20th August 1992 with the 71st constitution amendment Bill

What is Revenue Order No 1.?Under this order of 1917, land belonging to Bhutias and Lepchas cannot be sold  to other communities.

Name the first woman MLA of Sikkim. Hem Lata Chettri

Name the first speaker of Sikkim. Chatur Singh Rai

Name the first woman speaker of Sikkim. Kalawati Subba

What does Mintogang mean? Blossomed crowned hill-top

Which Department of the Government of Sikkim is concerned with Monasteries and religious affairs? Ecclesiastical Department. This Department is unique to Sikkim

Who wrote the book ‘The Sikkim Saga’ ? B.S. Das

Name the great Nepali  writer who translated the Ramayana to Nepali Bhanu Bhakta

Who was the first Chief Secretary of Sikkim? T.D. Densepa

Name the author who wrote “Sikkim- A Himalayan Tragedy” Nari K Rustomji

Who was Fakir Chand Jali? He was the first Chief Engineer of Sikkim and built roads, bridges, buildings and power stations in Sikkim. He was conferred the title of Rai Bahadur Sahib. He came to Sikkim in 1911 as a draughtsman and rose to the rank of Chief Engineer.


Name the 12 ST/BL reserved constituencies of SLA. – Yoksam- Tashiding / Rinchenpong / Daramdin / Barfung / Tumen – Lingi/ Gyathang –Machong / Martam- Rumtek/ Gangtok/ Syari/ Kabi – Lungchok / Dzongu / Lachen- Mangan.

Who was the Chief Minister of first popular government formed in 1949? – Tashi Tsering


Name  the Panchyat Act that had abolishes the Chhodu System of Dzongu. – Sikkim Panchayat  Act 1965

In which year the first Panchayat election  was held? – In 1951

When were the second and third panchayat elections held before ?- In 1966 and 1968

When were the panchayat elections held after merger to India ? – In 1976, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1997, 2002, 2007& 2012.

The reservation of seats to women, SC and ST in pachayats were  provided by which Act. – Sikkim Panchayat Act 1993.

Which Panchayat Act has raised the reservation of seats of women from 33 to 40 per cent ? – Sikkim Panchayat (Amendment) Act 2007.

Which Panchayat Act has allowed the Limbu and Tamang communities to contest the panchayat election from ST reserved seats ? – Sikkim Panchayat (Amendment) Act 2007.

When was the State Planning Commission set up in Sikkim?  On 8th May 2001.

Who is the Chairman State Planning Commission of Sikkim ?  Chief Minister of Sikkim.

When was the reserved and  khasmal forest in Sikkim demarcated ?  In 1902 and 1905.

In which year the Sikkim State Council was constituted? In 1953              What was the total strength of first Sikkim State Council?- 17 members (12 elected and  5 nominated)

Name the Proclamation and the year that created  a Sangha seat in Sikkim? – The Royal Proclamation of 1958

In which year the Sikkim State Congress was formed? In 1947

The Sikkim state congress was formed by merging three political organizations. Give the name of organizations? Parja Sudharak Samaj, praja sammelan and praja Mandal

Who were the founders of Praja Sudharak Samaj? Tashi Tsering & Sonam Tsering

Name the founders of Praja Sammelan.  Gobardhan Pradhan & Dhan Bahadur Tewari

Who were the founders of Praja Mandal? Kazi Lhendup Dorji Khangsarpa

Who was the president of Sikkim state Congress? Tashi Tsering

When was Sikkim National party formed? In 1948

When was Swatantra Dal formed? In 1958

In which year the scheduled caste Leagus was formed? In 1958

When was Sikkim National Congress formed? In 1960

Who was the president of Sikkim National Congress? Kazi Lhendup Dorji Khangsarpa

In which year the Sikkim Independent front was formed? In 1966

Who was the founder of Sikkim Independent front? Mrs Ruth Karthak Lepchani

When was Sikkim Janta Party formed? In 1970

Who was the founder of Sikkim janta party? L.B. Basnet

When was Sikkim janta congress formed? October 1972

When was Sikkim congress formed? February 1973

In which year the Sikkim congress merged with Indian National congress? In December 1975

When Sikkim party, later renamed as Sikkim Janta parished was formed? On 22nd March 1977

Who was the founder of Sikkim Janta Parished? N.B. Bhandari

When was Sikkim Congress (Revolutionary) formed? In September 1979

Who was the founder of Sikkim congress (Revolutionary) party? R.C. Poudyal

In which year the Himali Congress was formed? In 1983

When was Sikkim United Council formed? In June 1983

Who was the President of Sikkim United Council? Kazi Lhendup Dorji Khangsarpa

When was the Gorkha League formed? In 1984

Who was the founder of the Gorkha League? N.B. Khatiwada

In which year the Sikkim Sangram Parished was formed?  In 1984

Who was the president of Sikkim Sangram parsihed?  N.B. Bhandari

When was Sikkim Democratic front formed?  In 1992

When was Sikkim Himali Rajya parsihed formed?  In 2002

How may languages in Sikkim are declard as State Languages? – 11 Languages.

Name the Act that made the Rai, Newar, Gurung , Manger, Sherpa, Sunuwar and Tamang languages as the state language of Sikkim. – Sikkim Offical Languages (Amendment) Act 1995.

Name the Municipality Act that created three – tier municipality in Sikkim. – Sikkim the Municipality Act,2007.

Name the three-tier municipality established in Sikkim ? – Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council and  Nagar Panchayat.

Name the only Municipal Corportaion of Sikkim.- Gangtok Municipal Corporation.

Name the only Municipal Council of Sikkim. – Namchi Municipal Council.

Name the five Nagare Panchayats created recently in Sikkim. Singtam Nagar Panchayat, Rangpoo Nagar Panchayat, Jorethang Nagar Panchayat, Geyzing Nagar Panchayat and Mangan Nagar Panchayat.

When was  first election of three-tier municipality in Sikkim was held on …… –27.04.2010

Where will you find the Tibetan words Kham Sum Wangdi meaning “Conqueror of Three worlds”  written?  Official emblem of the Government of Sikkim

Name the oldest school in Sikkim. Sang Senior Secondary School initially established as a Missionary school in 1880

The Statues of Unity installed at MG Marg, Gangtok depicts the figures of three historical figures. Two of them are Thetong Tek and his wife Ngo-kong-ngol. Who is the third figure?   Khye Bumsa

Whose statue exists in the lawn of the Sikkim Legislative AssemblyBuilding?  Dr Ambedkar

Whose statue was installed at the Chintan Bhawan on 16th May 2008? L.D. Kazi

Opposite Hanuman Tok is a cremation ground. What is it known as? Royal Cremation Ground, Lukshyama

Name the Department that looks after Disaster Management. The Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department.

Name the Department unique to Sikkim that looks after the religious affairs. Ecclesiastical Department

What is the erstwhile Lal Bazar known as presently? Kanchendzonga Shopping Complex

Name the French explorer and writer who  was gifted a bronze statue by Chogyal Sidkeong Tulku. The statue was later returned to Phodong Monastery. Madame Alexandra David Neel.

Victoria Cross Ganju Lama’s name was mis-spelt during his enlistment. What was his real name? Gyamtso Shandarpa

What is the original name of Danny Denzongpa? Tshering Phinstog Denzongpa.

In 1967 a superhit Hindi movie starring Dev Anand was shot in Sikkim. Name it. Jewel Thief

Who is the author of the book ‘Perennial Dreams’? Pawan Chamling

Name the university which conferred the honorary doctorate degree to Pawan Chamling. Manipal University

In 1999, Pawan Chamling was awarded the Best Environmental CM by which presitigous organisation? Centre for Science and Environment

In the late 1950s a ropeway was built between Gangok and which place? Thegu Before Nathula

The Sikkim Police was born after the first Police station was established at Aritar, near Rhenock. When was this? 27th Nov 1897

Name three Sikkimese who have been awarded the Arjuna award. Sonam Sonam Gyatso for mountaineering, Baichung Bhutia for football and  Jaslall Pradhan for boxing, Tarun Deep Rai for archery

Name the first Sikkimese to reach the summit of Everest? Sonam Gyatso in 1965

Name the first women to climb Mount Everest. Phul Maya Tamang and Yangdi Sherpa. They reached the summit on 22 May 2008

Name the various expeditions to the Mount Kanchendzonga

First Attempt led by Crowley 1905 from the Nepal side; Second Attempt  by E.F. Farmer Solo attempt 1929 Nepal side; Third Attempt Paul Bauer 1929 from Sikkim Side;Fourth attempt Dyrenfurth 1930 Nepal side;  Fifth attempt Paul Bauer 1931 from Sikkim side; Sixth attempt first successful attempt Charles Evan (team leader and climbed by George Band and Joe Brown1955  from Nepal Side; Seventh attempt (successful) led by Col Kumar and climbed by Prem Chand 1977 from Sikkim side

How did Frey Peak in West Sikkim get its name? After George Frey Mountaineer who fell and died on this peak during a pre-Everest Expedition in 1950. Tenzing Norgay was also on this expedition

Name the Sikkimese who represented India in archery in the Athens Olympics 2004 Mandeep Rai

Name the Sikkimese who was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2006?

Tarun Deep Rai for Archery

Name Sikkimese who have be awarded the second highest civilian award of India the Padma Vibhusan.  Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal(1954) Kazi Lendup Dorejee

Name the Sikkimese who have been awarded the Padma Bhusan? Sonam Gyasto, the mountaineer;

Name the Sikkimese who have been awarded the Padma Shree? Sonam Gyasto, the mountaineer; G.S. Lama the poet, Danny Denzongpa the actor, Bhaichung the footballer, Sonam Tshering Lepcha, Keepu Lepcha, Norden Tshering Bhutia,Kedar Gurung.

Name the recceipt of the Ashok Chakra from Sikkim.Sahid Sanjog Chettri

Who is known as the Tinkitam Express?Bhaichung Bhutia

Name the TV serials and films directed by Sikkimese Film Director Ugyen Choppel. Ajnabi (TV serial) Saino, Trishna,  Nepali Babu and Badal Paree

What was the old name of Sonam Gyasto Road in Gangtok? Tibet Road

Who coined the slogan “Apno Gaon Afia banao”? Pawan Chamling

What was the old name of Sonam Tshering Road in Gangtok? Kazi Road

Name the organisation that first introduced computers in Sikkim? Sikkim Police. Paybill software was implemented for the entire organisation in 1988.

What is the finger of Sikkim and why is it famous. It is fiinger like area of Sikkim that juts into China. In 2008, it was a lot in the news because of incursions by the Chinese.

In 2006, the 27th Nov commmittee was constituted by Government employees. Which rule was it concerned with? Rule 4(4) of Establishment Department



What do Lepchas call Sikkim?

Ney-Mel-Renjyong-Lyang which means sacred place inhabited by honest and peace loving people

What does Boongthing mean? Boong means mouth and Athing means good orator. They are Lepcha priests.

Who are Muns? Muns are Lepcha priestresses.

Where was the Sikkim’s equivalent of the Tower of Babel built by the Lepchas? Daramdin near Sombaria

Rom, Itbumoo & Tamsang  Thing are the dieties of which community? Lepcha

Where is the Lepcha museum located? Daramdin

In Lepcha what is the naming cermony of newly born babies known as? It is known as Tungbong Faat

What is the name of the traditional Lepcha Panchayat? Chhodu

Who is said to have invented the Lepchas script ?  Lord Tamsang Thing

What is the Lepcha festival marking the New Year known as? Nam­soong

What does “Tendong Lho Rum Faat” mean? Worship of Tendong

Which mountain is worshipped during the “CHYU RUM FAT” ceremony of the Lepchas? Kanchendzonga

Kirats (Rais, Limboos etc.)

What does Kirat mean?

Kirat Means Hunter of pigs or boars (Kir stands for pig or boar)

Name some Kirat communitiesRai, Limboo

What are the Rai witch doctors known as? Mangpas

To which  Community is the occasion of ‘Sakewa’ associated with? Rai

What does the Rai festival Sakewa mean? It means whole hearted offering to invoke the blessing of goddess Chandi during the planting season.

What are the dances performed during Sakewa known as?Silis

Name the 3 stones which are placed in front of the hearth called Samkha?Suptulang, Taralung and Shankalung

What is Mundum?

Mundum are the traditional folklores  and unwritten holy scriptures of the Kirats chanted in the poetic form.

What is the pot used to make offering during Sakewa known as? Wabuk or Salawa made of fruit of a dried plant

What is Hongken?Drum popularly used during Sakewa festival

What is the Omadar  or Dhulay Puja? Omadar Puja is a week long puja performed by Rais during full moon (Vaishakhi Purnima)

What dish is prepared out of chicken feathers by the Rai Communi­ty? Wachipa

What is a more common name for the Yakthumbas ? Limbus

What is a Subba Limbu witch doctor known as? Yehba

Why is Teyongsi Sirijunga Sawan Tongnam celebrated? To mark the birth anniversary of the Limbu god Sirijunga

What is the animist religion of the Limboos known as?

It is known as Yumasa Myoor Yumaism.

Who wrote the Limboo script? Srijunga

What are the Cymbals and Bells used by the Limboo priests known as?

They are known as Soyeng and Ponghe

Chyap Brung  or Kongsing Kay is a traditional musical instrument in the shape of large Dholak(Drum). Which Nepali community is it associated with? Limbu/Subba

Yuma Shamma, Sri Janga and Tagyera Powa are the dieties of which community? Limbu

What is a Tungeba?It is a single stringed musical insturment and made of a piece of bamboo and a large dried hollow gourd.

What is Udung? It is a Sarangi or violin

What is Binayo? It is musical instrument made of bamboo chips

What is Murchuynga? Murchunga is a musical instrumentis made of iron piece played by keeping it between the teeth.

What is Soya Matchi? It is a type of pickle

What is Thi? It is a home made intoxicating beverage.

Who is a Yuma Sam? Yuma Sam is a Lemboo female priestess

The Lepchases during the old days used the root of which plant for poisoning the arrowhead for hunting purpose? Aconite (Aconitum spicatum to be more specific.)

What is Sang Sang?

Sang Sang is a combination of Millet beer in a wooden container with a pipe and eight pieces of meat that is kept on the altar during Puja.

Where is the Siri Junga Manghim located? Hee Bermoik

Where is the Rodhu Khim of the Kirat Khamu Rai located? At Baiguney

What is Palam?

Palam is an introductory song sung by the Limmboos before a dance.

According to the Limboo religion what are the eighteen worlds or Loks?

They are Sangram Pedang Den, Sang-Sang Den, Mang Khoma Den, Sey-sywa Den, Sunaing Tong Den, Muthang Khara Den, Torong Tangson Den, Samyukna Den, Iksading Khamdek Den, Khambongba Lungbongba Yukna Den, Muroplung Kheroplung Den, Muguplung Theguplung Den, Murupli Kherupli Den, Mujingna Kheyonna Den, Musekha Sekhana Den, Tungutlung Haralung Den, Sumbadoma Lekwadoma Den, and Khemding Yogsong Den

Bhutias and Buddhism

What are “Thankas”? Religious scrolls

“Saga Dawa” signifies three important incidents that occured in the life of Lord Buddha. One was his birth, the other attainment of Nirvana. What was the third one? Gaining Enlightment

What are roadside holy walls with mantras engraved on them known as? Medangs

What is ceremony of airing and sunning of the belongings and relics  of the Latsun Chembo at Tholung Monastery known as? Kamsel

What does Dalai Lama Mean? Ocean of Wisdom

What does the festival “Losar” signify?   Tibetan New Year

Name the Buddhist festival that symbolises the Descent of Buddha from the heaven of the thirty three gods after visiting his mother. Lhabab Dhuechen

What does the festival “Phang Labsol”  signify?  Worship of the Snowy Range to.mark the signing of the treaty of brotherhood between Lepchas and Bhutias

What are “Chaams”? Religious masked dances

What are Gyalsten, Sernya, Pema,  Palbheu & Choekyi Khorlo also popularly known as in English? Eight Lucky signs

What do the eight spokes in the Wheel  of Dharma stand for? Eight fold paths

What does “Bodhisattvas” mean? Buddha in the making 

What does Shambhala mean?  Shangrila,paradise in the North

Where is the festival of “Bhumchu” held?   Tashiding Monastery

From which river is the water for the Bhumchu used? Rathong Chu

What does festival of “Drukpa Teshi”  signify? The first preach­ing of Buddha to his five disciples

Who was the founder of the Nyingmapa Sect? Guru Padmasambva

Name the Buddhist Diety of Knowledge. Manjushri

Who was the founder of the Gelugpa Sect?  Tsongkhapa

Four of the five parts of a Chorten are Earth, water, air, ether. Which is the fifth one? Fire

What dance is performed annually in honour of the Eight Buddhist Dieties? Kagyet Dance

In the Lachen and Lachung valleys of North Sikkim a unique tradi­tional system of administration is still operational. In this, the village headman is called the “Pipon”.

What is this system known as? Dzomsa

How does the Dzumsa system differ from the Panchayat? Dzumsa has a tenure of one to two years whereas Panchayat a tenure of four to five years. In the Dzumsa the Pipon is always a male.

Name the five treasures that are housed in the Kanchendzonga

The Five Treasures are said to be Chai Dzu (Salt), Shar-Dhan-Ngul-ki-Dzu (Gold and Silver), Du-Dhan-MenkiDzue (Medicine and grain), Kokchen-Ki-Dzu (Weapons) and Chue-Ki-Dzu (Scriptures).

What is Shanag? Black hat dance

What is Hdur chaam? The skeleton dance

What is Shawa Chaam? Stag Dance

What does Shanag (Black Hat dance) signify? It celebrates the killing of the antiBuddhist King Langdarma of the Yarlung dynasty by a monk.

Who was the monk who killed King Langdarma? Pelkyi Dorjee

Who is Dorjee Lopen? Head Lama of a monastery

Who is Rolpon? Music conductor directing the Chaam

What are four Noble Truths?

  1. Existence of Sorrow2. Cause of Sorrow 3. Cessationof Sorrow 4. Ways which lead to the cessationof sorrow

What are the Eight Fold Paths of Buddhism?

  1. Right Understanding 2. Right Thought 3. Right Speech 4. Right Actions 5.Right livelihood 6.Right Effort 7. Right Mindfulness 8. Right Concentration

Why is Guru Rinpoche’s Trungkar Tsechu celebrated? To mark the birth anniversary of Guru Rinpoche

Where was Gurupadmasambva born? Swat Valley in Pakistan

What are rolmos and silnyen? Cymbals

What are nga chen? Drums

What is phurpa? Dagger

What is chaamgo? Dress worn by the dancers during chaams

What is Lham? Boots made of colourful cloth

Gutor and Kagyed precedes which Sikkimese festival? Losoong

What is the first day of  the eleventh month marking the beginning of Losoong known as?Tseche Tchi

What are the sixth or seventh day of Losoong known as? Nyempa Guxzom

What is the significance of Nyempa Guzom? It is considered as the day on which the nine bad spirits met.

What is the difference between Losoong and Losar? Losoong marks the end of the harvest eason and hapens during the end of the Tibetan Year. Losar is the beginning of the Tibetan New Year.

What is Kutse Shegu? 49th day death ceremony of the Buddhists

What is the traditional name for the jester who also controls the crowd during Buddhist “Chaams”?  Atchar

The Bhutia horoscope is named after animals and unlike other horoscopes it is based upon a cycle of years rather than months. How many years does it take to complete one cycle? Twelve

Name the 3 animals at the centre of the Wheel of Life. Pig, Cock and Snake

What does the the intermediate circle of the Wheel of Life represent? It represents the five worlds after death

What does the outermost circle of the Wheel of life represent? It represents the 12 phases of life.

What are “Kagyur” and “Tangur” of Buddhists? They are the sacred, holy books

Name the monastery in North Sikkim where the relics belonging to Latsun Chembo are shown to the public once in three years. Tholoung Gompa. The next time this will be done will be in March-April 2009.

HH the Dalai Lama performed an important religious ceremony at Gangtok in March/April  1993. What was this ceremony?  Kalchakra puja

What is the English translation of the mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’? Hail Lotus in the Jewel

What is Rolchaam? Dance of Cymbals

What is Tshamche chaam? Animal headed mask dance

What is Shyak? Dance of horned animals

What is Namding? Dance of the winged animals

What is a Sheda? It is a monastic college. Nygnimpa Institute of Higher Studies in Gangtok is one Sheda in Sikkim. It is affliated to a university in Banaras.

The Government has banned Sherbung for other than religious personalities? What is it? Sherbung is religious reception given to high ranking monk. It had started being misused for political leaders and others

Name the Rimpoche under whose supervision the Phurba Chorten near Tibetology was built? Trul-shi Rimpoche

In November 2008 a Thai delegation of monks handed over Buddha’s Relics for which project in Sikkim? The Sakya Muni Project at Rabong


What is the nine instrument orchestra of the Nepalis locally known as? Naumati Baja

Name the nine instruments of the Naumati Baja?

They are 1.Sahanai 2. Doholki 3.Jhiyali 4.Damaka(Big Drum) 5.Tinamko(two sticks) 6.Bhaley(Additional Sahanai) 7.Pothi Damaka 8.Narshingha(Longish trumpet 9.Karnal

What is Kaneyma?Kaneyma is fermented soya beans

What is Gundrook?Fermented leaves of vegetables

Why is Janamastami celebrated? To mark the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna

What does Chaite Dasain or Ramnami signify? Birth of Lord Ram

What does Shivratri signify? Marriage of Lord Shiva to Parvati

In the Hindu religion name the Nau Gharas (Nine Planets)

Surya(Sun) Chandra(Moon) Mangal(Mars) Biraspati (Jupiter), Budh(Mercury), Shukar(Venus), Shani (Saturn), And the imaginary (shadow planets) of Rahu and Ketu

In Gurung terminology what is Rodhi? Rodhi means a resting place. In fact it is kind of a community house of a tribe in which young boys and girls are taught about the traditions. They are also taught singing and dancing.

In Gurung culture, what is Falki and Paigo? Falki traditional food made of boiled green maize and head or legs of sheep. Paigo is food made of millet and maize with dal. 

What is the language and script of the Gurungs known as? Tamu Kye and Khema Prhi

What is the first hair cutting ceremony of a  male Nepali child called? Chewar

In Sherpa culture what is Somar? It is Cheese curry.

What is the traditional name for the jester during a “Maruni Naach”?  Dhatuwarey

What is dungri? It is a nose ring worn by Nepali womenfolk

What is the day of flowers known as in Dasain? Fulpati

During the festival of Tihar, the Ghai Tihar and Kukoor Tihar is preceeded by _________? Kak Tihar

What is the carol singing tradition of the Nepalis during Tihar or Diwali called? Bhailo or Deusi

Which fesitival is celebrated in the month of September to honour the ‘God of Machines? Vishwa Karma Puja

With which community is Barahimijong associated ? Magar

Who is worshipped during the Magar ceremony of Barahimijong? The forefathers

Which festival is celebrated by the Newars to honour the God of the Rains? Indra Jatra.

The Lakhey Dance is associated with which community? Newar

What is the dialect and script of the Sunuwar Community known as? Koicha

Bimsen Puja and Buri Boju are associated with which community? The Sunuwars

Which community derives its name from the word Drum? Damai

With whom are folk songs of Juari and dance of Madale Naach associaed with? Kami

With which community is the question and answer song of Dohori associated with? Gurung

Which Hindu festival is celebrated in the month of February to honour the ‘Goddess of Knowledge? Saraswati Puja

There is  memorial in memory of some missionaries who died in a flood in a village near Lachung in the 1930s. Which country did they belong to? Finlamd

The missionaries who set up the first schools in Sikkim at Sang, Khamdong and Mangan belonged which country. Finland.

What is the Tamang New Year known as? Lochar

Where is Rangey Mela celebrated? Namchi

Where is the Pilgrimage cum Culture Centre also known at Siddeshvera (Char Dham) with a 108 ft high tall state of Lord Shiva located? At Solophok near Namchi

Name the four Dhams depicted in the Siddeshvera (Char Dham) temple at Solophok Namchi? Badrinath Uttarakhand, Rameswaram Tamil Nadu, Jaganath Orissa, Dwarka Gujrat.

Name the 12 original Jyotilingas that have been have been depicted at Siddeshvera temple Solophok Namchi

Somnath in Saurashtra (Guj) ,Mallikarjun in Srisailam (A.P.) ,Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain (M.P.) ,Omkareshwar in Shivpuri / Amaleswara (M.P.) ,Vaidyanath in Parali (Mah) ,Nageswar in Darukavanam ,Kedareswar in Kedarnath / Himalayas (Utt)

Tryambakeswar in Nasik (Mah) ,Rameshwar in Setubandanam / Rameshwaram (T.N.) ,Bhimashankar in Dakini (Mah) ,Visweswar in Varanasi (U.P.) and

Ghrishneswar in Devasrovar (Mah).

There is a smaller statue of a manifestationat  Lord Shiva at Siddeshvera. Name it


Name the saint who  consecrated the Siddeshevera Dham at Namchi on 8th Nov 2011. Jagadguru Sankarcharya Swami Swarupananda Saraswati

Where in Sikkim did Rabrinath Tagore visit in 1920s? Rinchenpong and stayed in the now named Smriti Van. He wrote a few verses of his poems while staying here.

Name the famous 19th century poet who translated  Ramayan into Nepali? Bhanu Bhakta

When is Bhanu Bhakta’s birthday celebrated in Sikkim? 13th July

In 1997 the Government scrapped and abandoned a major Power Project because of environment and religious considerations. Name the project? Rathong Power Project

Who was the first Chief Justice of Sikkim? Rajendra Sacher

Sikkim has a few institutes for the physically handicapped. Name them. Jawharilala Nehru Memorial Institute for the Handicapped (JNMIH) for the Blind at Namchi; Special school for the Hearing impaired at Gangtok; Sikkim Viklang Society for orthopaedically handicapped; Sikkim Spastic Society for children suffering from Cerebral Palsy and Austism

The Limca Book of Records 2007 Edition has declared a Cyber Cafe in Sikkim  as the highest in the world. Where is it located.?The Community Information Centre at the Sherathang Trade MART at 13600 ft run by the Department of Information Technology

Name the first Vice Chancellor of Sikkim University. Mahendra P Lama

What is the concrete bridge at Jorethang known as? Akkar Bridge

In Sikkim where is the product Alpine Chees made? At Dentam, West Sikkim

Where is Ashirwad Bhawan? At Raj Bhawan used for official functions

Where is Samman Bhawan? At the Mintogang Complex. Chief Minister meets the public here.

When was the Governor’s Gold Cup football tournament first held? 1978

Where is Bhaichung Stadium? Namchi. It was known as Youth Ground earlier

Where is the Chief Minister’s Gold cup football tournament normally played? Namchi

What is Bidawa Punaribhaha Yojna? It is a scheme in which a cash incentive of Rs 10000/- is given to those persons who marry widows.

What are Sukambasis? They are Landless Sikkimese

What is CM Annapurna Programme? Old people of 65 and above are provided 10 kg of rice permonth

Why was Saramsa Garden earlier called Ipecac garden? Because of the medicinal plant called Ipecac  that was grown here till 1970

What is the difference between Inner Line Permit and Restricted/Protected Area Permit?An Inner Line permit is issued to foreigners who want to visit Sikkim by Indian Embassies, Tourism Department and other designated agencies whereas a Restricted Area Permit is issued by the Sikkim Police to anyone wanting to visit restricted areas like Changu lake

Who headed the Commission to Review Environment and Social Policies? Roy Burman

What is the signifance of National Education Day 11th Nov?

To commemorate the birth anniversary of India’s First Education Minister, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. The nation re-dedicates itself to the cause of Universal Education during this day.

What date is designated as the Disaster Risk Reduction Day in Sikkim? 18th September (to commemorate the 18th Sept 2011 earthquake)

What is SIKITEX? It is an annual Information Technology Exhibition and Conference organised by the Government of Sikkim


What is the Green Mission? It is an environment related initiative launched by Pawan Chamling on 27th Feb 2006. It aims at making Sikkimn a garden state by extensive afforestation programmes.

Name the State animal of Sikkim.  Red Panda/Ailurus fulgens

Name the State bird of Sikkim.  Blood Pheasant

Name the State flower of Sikkim. Nobile Orchid/ Dendrobium nobile

Name the State tree of Sikkim. Rhododendron nevium

Name the most popular cash crop of   Sikkim.  Cardamom

Name the most important fruit produce of Sikkim. Orange

What is the Tibetan Wildass found in Sikkim known as? Kiang

Name a riverine mammal of low altitude Sikkim Otter/ Lutra lutra

Which is the biggest bird of Sikkim?  Griffon Vulture/ Gyps hima­layanus

Name the biggest lizard of Sikkim  Monitor Lizard/ Varanus sp.

Which is the biggest moth of Sikkim? Atlas moth

Which is the largest snake of Sikkim? Python/ Python molurus

What is the biological name for the high altitude poisonous plant Bikh or Monkshood? Aconite.

What is the scientific name of Large Cardamom? Amomum Subulatum

Name the German who discovered the Shapi in Sikkim?Ernest Schalfer

Name the rhododendron sanctuary near Yumthang, North Sikkim .  Shingba

Name the Sanctuary adjacent to Tsomgo  lake, East Sikkim.  Kyong­nosla Sanctuary

Name the Sanctuary in East Sikkim opposite Gangtok on the Rumtek hill.  Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary

Where is the Sidekong Tulku Bird Park located? Rabdentse near Pelling Gyalsing

Name the plant from which hand made paper is made. Argali

Name the plant used extensively for making brooms in Sikkim. Amliso

What is the biological and local name of theTibetan Wolf? Canis lupus chanco or Chonku

What is the biological and local name for the Sikkim Snow Toad? Scutiger boulengeri or Baepo

What is the English name of the animal Zimo found on the Cholamu plateau? Siberian Weasel

Name the biological and local name of Tibetan Gazelle?Procapra picticaudata , Raakon

Name the biological and local name of Bharal (Blue Sheep)?Pseudois nayaur, Nao

Name the biological and local name of  Eurasian Lynx?Lynx  lynx, lh

Name the biological and local name of Tibetan Fox.?Vulpes ferrilatus, Dezey

Name the biological and local name of Red Fox? Vulpes  vulpes, Wamo

Name the biological and local name of Siberian Weasel? Mustela sibirica, Zimo

Name the biological and local name of Kiang (Tibetan Wild Ass)?Equus kiang, Kyang

Name the biological and local name of Himalayan Marmot?Marmota himalayana, Kaagey-phieu, phae, Chipik

Name the biological and local name of Long- Eared Bat?Plecotes auritus, Pholon-thhaa

Name the biological and local name of  Woolly Hare? Lepus oiostolus, Regon

Name the biological and local name of Pika (Mouse-Hare)? Ochotona thibetana, Abra

Name the biological and local name of Yak?Domesticated in Sikkim, Dong

Name the biological and local name of Snow Leopard? Panthera uncial, Saagey

Name the biological and local name of Nayan (Great Tibetan Sheep, Argali)? Ovis ammon hodgsoni, Nyen.

Name the highest National Park in the country.  Kanchendzonga National park

Name the Wildlife Sanctuary adjacent to Rabongla, South Sikkim  Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

Name the Sanctuary near Hilley in West Sikim Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary

Name the Sanctuary in West Bengal that adjoins the Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary? Neora Wildlife Sanctuary

Name two rare animals found in the Cold Desert plateau of Sikkim. Marmots and Kiangs.

Name the largest cat of Sikkim. Leopard or Panther/Panthera pardus

Name the largest rat of Sikkim  Him Marmot (Marmota bobak).

Name the largest bat of Sikkim  Flying fox (Pteropus giganteus)

Shingba Sanctuary is famous for Rhododendrons; name the other Sanctuary in Sikkim also famous for Rhododendrons. Barsey Rhodo­dendron Sanctuary

A rare and highly endangered relative of the Bighorn Sheep of America is found in the high cold desert of Sikkim.  What is its name?  Nayan or  Great Tibetan Sheep

Name the famous ornithologist who wrote the book”Birds  of Sikkim”. Salim Ali

What is Pangolin? It is an ant eater animal found  in the area below Namchi

What is the botanical name of Argali used for making handmade peper? Edgeworthia gardneri

What is the difference between a National park and Sanctuary? There is a basic difference between National park and Sanctuary, A national park is an area which is sstrictly dedicated to conserve the wild flora fauna and natural habitat whereas a sanctuary is an area for the conservation for only one type of species.In National park all private ownership rights are nonexistent and all forestry grazing, cultivation activities are prohibited whereas in a sanctuarythese are permitted provided they do not interfere with well being of the ecosystem. 

What is a biosphere? A biosphere is a reserve around a park or sanctuary where scientific research and envoronment training and education is carried out.

What is Gaucharan land? It is Grazing land “Gau” meaning cow Charan meaning pasture

What is khasmahal?  A community forest land kept for meeting immediate fuel and fodder needs of a society.

What are Tibi Beans and where are they grown? These are very large protein rich beans grown in North Sikkim especially the Lachung area. Attempts are being made to begin large scale commercial cultivation of these beans.

What is the local and botanical name of  the rare Caterpillar fungu? Yarchagumba(Cordyceps sinensis) It grows wild in high altitudes in Sikkim  between 3000 m and 5000 m and is used in Chinese and Tibetan traditional medicine. It sells at about 5000 US dollars in the international market. It is called catterpillar fungus as it grows on the back of the catterpillar of a moth.

Why do radishes and potatos grow very big in high altitudes? Because of high level of Ultra violet radiation and good sunshine.


How are the vehicles given numbers in Sikkim?

The code followed is as follows:


Gangtok (East District)                       01
Gyalsing (West District)                      02
Mangan (North District)                     03
Jorethang(South District)                    04

(b) Codes for vehicles identification       Codes

Type of vehicles

State Government Vehicles                          G
 (excluding commercial vehicles)
Private Vehicles                                               P
Taxi (Motor Car, VAN) 4+1 passengers    T
Maxi Cab ((Jeeps) 10+1   passengers         J
Luxury Tourist Taxi                                       Z
Passenger Vehicles (Buses)                          B
Goods Vehicles                                                 D
Ambulance                                                       A

For example a Government vehicle registered at Gangtok Regional Transport Office (RTO) will bear a number like SK-01G-555

Name the various various communities for whom reservations has been provided for jobs in Government of Sikkim and Public Sector Undertaking:

Bhutia-Lepcha                                           22%

Scheduled Castes                                       7%

Most Backward Classes (MBC):
Bhujel, Dewan, Gurung,
Jogi, Kirat Rai, Manger,
Sunuwar Mukhia and Thami                21%

Other Backward Classes (OBC)
Bahun, Chettri
and Sanyasi                                                 21%

Scheduled Tribes (Limboo  Tamang)    14%


There are many abbreviations that are widely used in official correspondences, government documents, news items and press reports in Sikkim. These are listed below:

SNT Sikkim Nationalised Transport

SITCO Sikkim Time Corporation
UD&HD Urban Development & Housing Department
DESM&E Directorate of Economics Statistics Monitoring and Evaluation
IPR Information and Public Relations
SIDICO Sikkim Industrial Development and Investment Corporation Ltd.
DIET District Institute of Education and Training
CIC Chief Information Commisionar
RTI  Right to Information
PIO Public Information Officer
SBS State Bank of Sikkim
SISCO Sikkim State Cooperative Bank Limited
STDC Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation
SLA Sikkim Legislative Assembly
TTI Teachers Training Institute
SIE State Institute of Education
SIMFED Sikkim Marketing Federation
SBS State Bank of Sikkim
SPSC Sikkim Public Service Commission
SBI  State Bank of India
STCS State Trading Corporation of Sikkim
FCI Food Corporation of India
IAS Indian Administrative Service
IFS Indian Forest Service
IPS Indian Police Service
SCS Sikkim Civil Service
IRB India Reserve Battalion  
SAP Sikkim Armed Police
VLW Village Level Worker
MR Muster Roll
PSU  Public Sector Undertaking
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
PAC Public Accounts Committee
NGO Non Government Organisation
PHC Public Health Centre
PHSC Public Health Sub Centre
CBO Community Based Organisation  
GCI Galvanised Corrugated Iron
BPL Below Poverty Line
ACT Affected Citizens of Tista
CAT Central Administrative Tribunal  
MHA Ministry of Home Affairs
AIDs Acquired Immuno Deficiency
TB Tuberculosis
NSV Non Scapel Vasectormy
RCT Root Canal Tunneling
OPD Out Patient Department
GDP Gross Domestic Product
SGMI Sonam Gyasto Mountaineering Institute
MBC Most Backward Class
TRYSEM Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment
IRDP Integrated Rural Development Programme
DWCRA Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas
NC Natural Calamity             
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
NRSE New and Renewal Sources of Energy
KNP Kanchendzonga National Park
SSA Sarva Siksha Abiyan
AG Advocate General or Accountant General
SC/ST  Schedule Caste/ Sched. Tribe
PAN Permanent Account Number
GPF General Provident Fund                               
CMO Chief Medical Officer
OBC Other Backward Classes
ICAR Indian Council for Agricultural Research
CPWD Central Public Works Department
SIB Subsidary Intelligence Bureau                  
LIC Life Insurance Corporation
AIR All India Radio               
PTI Press Trust of India
PIB Press Information Bureau              
UNI United News of India
CWC Central Water Commission
BSI Botanical Survey of India
GREF General Reserve Engineering Force
GSI Geological Survey of India
NJP New Jalpaiguri
NEC North East Council
DA Dearness Allowance/ Daily Allowance
TA Travel Allowance
HRA House Rent Allownace  
HCA Hill Compensatory Allowance
INTACH  Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage
NIC National Informatics Centre          
EC Election Commission
SMIT Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technololgy
DPR Detailed Project Report
EOI Expression of Interest
PPP Public Private Parternship
BOOT Build Operate Own Transfer
SSB Sashastra Suraksa Bal
BO Block Officer   
RO Revenue Officer
OSD Officer on Special Duty
NREGA National rural Employment Guarantee Act
DGHC Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council
RFP Request for Proposal     
EOI Expression  of Interest
POL Petrol oil Lubricants
HSD High speed Diesel
MS MotorSpirit
SKO Superior  kerosene oil
LS Rice Long  Sela Rice
MRP Maximum Retail Price
ICU Intensive Care unit
MPCS Multi purpose Cooperative Society
AI I M S All India Institute of Medical sciences
I IT  Indian Institute Of Technology
TAR Tibetan Autonomous Region
CAT Scan Computerised axial Tomography
MRI Magnetic Resonant Imaging
JEE Joint entrance Examination
CET Common Entrance test
SUV Sports Utility Vehicle
STPI  Software Technology Park of India
ITBP Indo Tibet Border Police
ATM Automatic teller Machine
NABARD National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
UGC University Grants Commission
EVM Electronic Voting Machine
VAT Value Added tax
WWW World wide Web
SMS Short Message Service
SIM Subsriber Identification Module
GIS Geographical Information System
GSM Global system for mobile Communication
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GPS Global Positioning System
RoR Right of Records
BP0 Business process Outsourcing
RCC Reinforced Cement Concrete
ITES Information Technology Enabled Services
OEM Original Equipment  Manufacturer
PNR Passenger Name Record   
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
MNC Multi National Company
UTI Unit Trust of India
ICICI Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
SAARC  South asia association for Regional Cooperation
IDBI Industrial Development Bank of India
RBI   Reserve Bank of India
RoR Right of Record
EMI Equated Monthly Instalment
NAV  Net Asset Value
ROI  Return on investment
UV Ultra Violet
IR Infra Red
qs Quantity sufficient
NSS  National service Scheme
NCC  National cadet  Corp
PIL Public Interest Litigation
JCO Junior Commissioned Officer
WTO World Trade organisation
PGT Post graduate teacher
TGT Trained graduate Teacher
PRI Panchayat Raj Institution
WWF World Wide Fund
ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation
DC District Collector/DevCommisionar
SDM Sub Divisional Magistrate
DGP Director General of Police
SP Superintendent of Police
DDO Drawing & Disbursing Officer
BDO Block Development Officer
BAC Block Development Centre
SDF Sikkim Democratic Front              
SSP Sikkim Sangram Parishad
TAAS Travel Agents Association of Sikkim
ILP Inner Line Permit
SIBLAC Sikkim Bhutia Lepcha Apex Committee
SHRPP Sikkim Himali Rajya Parisad Party
GJMM Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha
ANM Auxiliary Nurse & Midwife
STNM Sir Thondup Namgyal Memorial
GICI Govt. Inst. of Cottage In
NHPC  National Hydroelectric Power Corporation
NBCC National Building and Construction Corporation
CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education
DAV   Dayananda Anglo Vedic  
CTC Tea  Crush Turn and Curl
JNV Jawarlal Nehru Vidhyalaya
AISSE All India Secondary School Examination
AISSC All India Senior Secondary Certificate
GST  Goods and Services Tax
FRO Foreigners’ Registration Office
PDS Public Distribution System
PMGY Pradhan Mantri Gramin Yojna
IT Income Tax or Information Technology
BSNL Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
NRHM National Rural Health Mission
IGNOU Indra Gandhi National Open University
SIRD State Institute of Rural Development
JFM Joint Forest Management
JGSY  Jawahar Gram Samidri Yojana
AUSAID Austrailian Agency for International Development
UNDP United Nations Development Programme
JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency
ADB Asian Development Bank
APO Army Post Office
VHAS Voluntary Health Assoctiaton  of Sikkim    
HUDCO Housing and Urban Development Corporation
STDC Sikkim Tourism Develolpment Corporation
SPDC Sikkim Power Development Corporation
SREDA Sikkim Rural Energy Develolpment Agency
SFA Sikkim Football Association
DD Doorsharshan
SISI Sikkim Industries Service Institute
VLO Village Level Officer
CB Contingent Bill
VLW Village Level Worker
NAB National Association for the Blind
JNMIH Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial Institute for the Handicapped
IEC Information Education and Communication
ICT Information Communication Technology
SWOT Strength Weaknesses Opportunity and Threats
DONER Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region
NLPCR Non Lapsable pool of Central Resources
HRDD Human Resource Development Department
EM  Technology Effective Micro-organism Technology
MPLADP Member of Parliament Local Area Development Programme
DTH Direct to Home TV
TAR Tibetan Autonomous Region
SAARC South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation
DOTs  Direct Observation Treatment  short
RTO Regional Transport Office
GLOF Glacial lake Outburst Flood
RITES Rail India Technical and Economic Services
HDFC Housing Development Finance Corporation
HSBC Honkong Shangai Bank Corporation
JNV Jawharlal Navodya Vidhyalaya
OFC Optical Fibre Cable
CAPART Council for Advancement of People’s action &Rural Technology
PGCIL Power Grid Corporation of Inida Limited
CAPEX Capital Expenditure 
OPEX Operating Expenditure
UID Unique Identification Number
ULB Urban Local Bodies
AIFF All India Football Federation
KYC Know your Customer
CATCH Comprehensive Annual and Total Checkup
JNNURM Jawharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
SIKITEX Sikkim Information Technology Exhibition


Republic Day                          26th January
Gandhi Assasination Day     30th January
National Science Day            28th February
World Forestry Day               21st March
World Water Day                   22nd March
Earth Day                                 22nd April
State Day(Sikkim)                  16th May
Anti Terrorism Day                21st May
Kargil Diwas                             26th July
Independence Day                  15th August
Sadbhawana Diwas                 20th August
Gandhi Jayanti                         2nd October
Rastriya Sankalp Diwas          31st October
Children’s Day                         14th November
National Integration Day      19th  November
Teacher’s Day                            5th Sept
World Environment Day          5th. June
World Population Day              11th July
World Tourism Day                   27th Sept
World Labour Day                      1st May
World Wildlife week                   1-7 October
Anti Leprosy Day                         3oth Jan
International Water Day             23rdMarch
World tuberculosis Day               24thMarch
World Health Day                          7th April
Safe Motherhood Day                   11thApril
World No Tobacco Day                31stMay
World Environment Day              5th June
World Population Day                  11th July
World Food Day                              16th Oct
Diabetes Day                                    15th Nov
World AIDs Day                               1stDec

Name the roads in Sikkim that have been renamed after personalities?Ravongla-Tarku:  Ganju Lama V.C. Marg
Soreng-sombaria:  Dharmadutta  Marg
Kazi Marg: Sonam Tshering Marg
Tibet Road:  Sonam  Gyatso Marg
Nam Nam- Deorali:Kashi R Pradhan Marg
Paljor Stadium- DC Office: B.R. Ambedkar Marg
Sichey Road, Gangtok: M.M. Rasailly Marg
Rongli-Chujachen: Tulshiram Kashyap Marg
Namchi-Maniram: Agam Singh Tamang Marg
Arithang Marg:  Rahmi Prasad Alley Marg
Namchi-Manpur: C.D. Rai Marg
Chakung-Khaniserbung: B.B. Gurung Marg
Rangpo-Duga: Nakul Pradhan Marg
Dzong  Rinzing  Mangan: Namgyal Kazi Marg
P.W.D. – D.A.C. (Mangan):  Dr. Lobzang Tenzing Marg
Secretariat to Zero Point: Bhanu Path
Community Hall -TNHSS School:Jeewan Thing Marg
Soreng to 8th Mile Budang :  Padam Singh Apatan Marg
Soreng to Kaluk: Nanda Kumar Marg
Chakung to Khaniserbong: Arun Gurung Marg

Name the schools in Sikkim that have been renamed after various personalities?

Ravangla  School: V.C. Ganju Lama Sr. Secondary School
Wok : Nayan Tshering Lepcha Secondary School
Kabi-Tingda:Kalzang Gyatso High School
Omechu : Chhatraman Rai Jr. High School
Central Pendam:Tikala Nirola Sr Sec School
Turung:German Lepcha Secondary School
Daramdin:Kripasalyan Sr Secondary School
Sribadam: K.B. Limboo Sr. Secondary School
Ranipool: Brishaspati Prasai Sr. Secondary School
Chungthang:Tasa Tengay Lepcha Secondary School
Arithang: Chatursing Rai Jr. High School
Okrey: Padam Bahadur Gurung School


Allay Maidan, Namchi:  Bhaichung Stadium
Rustamji Deer Park: Rustamji Park

The Government of Sikkim designated various years in which specific focus was to be made. Which were these?

2012:    Disaster Reduction Year

2008:    Year of Responsibility
2005     Year of the Youth (Yuva Kranti Varsh)
2002:    Year of the Cooperative
1996      Green Revolution Year

plchangu14 Name this lake.
Tsomgo lake (Changu Lake)



phlkkecho1Identify  this lake Kechopalri lake.

plyoksum2 Identify the picture alongside?
The throne  at Norgugang, Yoksum where the first King of Sikkim, Chogyal Phunstok Namgyal was consecrated 



Identify the picture alongside?
Kriteswar temple at Legship



plrabdanste5  Identify this place.
Rabdantse Palace ruins of the second capital of Sikkim near Pelling




Which deity does this dancer depict?




Name this personlity.
Danny Denzongpa the Bollywood actor from Sikkim




downloadName this personality Chogyal Tashi Namgyal 

imagesName this personality
Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal





Name this personality
Kazi Lendup Dorji, the first Chief Minister of Sikkim




Name this personality

Nar Bahadur Bhandari, the second CM of Sikkim






May 16th, 1975 :The erstwhile Himalayan Kingdom Sikkim became the twenty –  second State of India; Mr. Bipin Bihari Lal, ICS, sworn-in as the first Governor of the state of Sikkim; Kazi Lhendup Dorjee Khangsarpa, sworn-in as the first  Chief Minister of Sikkim State with his Council of Ministers;  First State Day observed all over the State.
May 29th, 1975: Anti-Corruption branch set up in Gangtok.
June 29th, 1975:Special Session of Sikkim Legislative Assembly held to ratify the Constitution (Thirty four Amendment) Bill, 1975.
November 11th, 1975:       Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India visited Sikkim.
December 21st,1975: Chief Minister, Mr. L.D. Kazi, laid the foundation stone of Temi Tea Factory in South Sikkim.
February 17th, 1976: Mother Teresa visited Sikkim.
October 18th, 1979: Mr. N.B. Bhandari sworn in as the second Chief Minister of  Sikkim
October 28th, 1979: President of India, Mr.Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy visited Sikkim.
January 9th, 1981: Mr.Homi J.H. Taleyarkhan appointed as the 2nd Governor of Sikkim.
April 13th, 1981: The Union Finance Minister, Mr.R. Venkataraman inaugu-rated the Central Blood Bank of Sikkim.
November 6th, 1982: His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa passed away.
January 30th, 1982: Chogyal Palden Thondup  Namgyal passed away at the age of 59.
May 1st, 1982: First Helicopter service between Bagdogra and Gangtok inaugurated.
May 23rd, 1983: The Eighth Finance Commission headed by Mr. Y.R Chavan visited Gangtok.
June 13th, 1983: The 691 ft. long concrete bridge over the river Teesta at Melli inaugurated. The bridge was named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.
1983:Olympian Boxer, Mr.Jaslal Pradhan conferred the prestigious Arjuna Award.
May 11th,1984: Mr.B.B. Gooroog sworn in as the third Chief Minister of Sikkim.
May 25th, 1984: President Rule imposed in Sikkim.
June 17th,1984: Mr.Kona Prabhakar Rao appointed as the third Governor of Sikkim.
March 8th, 1985:Mr.N. B. Bhandari re-elected and sworn in as the Chief Minister of Sikkim for the second consecutive term.
May 31st, 1985: Mr.Bhisma Narain Singh sworn in as the fourth Governor of Sikkim.
November 21st, 1985: Mr.T.V.Rajeswar sworn in as the Governor of Sikkim
October 7th, 1987: President of India, Mr. R. Venkataraman inaugurated G.B.Pant Leprosy Hospital at Sajong, East Sikkim.
October 9th, 1988 :New Sikkim House inaugurated at New Delhi.
March 2nd, 1989: Mr.S.K.Bhatnagar sworn in as the Governor of Sikkim.
February 8th, 1990: Mr.R.H.Tahiliani sworn in as the Governor of Sikkim.
August 1992:Nepali language included in the Eighth Schedule of Indian Constitution
May 17th,1994: Bhandari Government lost  vote of confidence in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly.
May 18th, 1994: Mr.Sanchaman Limboo sworn in as the Chief Minister of Sikkim.
July 1994The Prime Minister Employment Assurance Scheme implemented.
July, 1994: Loyola B.Ed College inaugurated at Namchi.
September 21st, 1994: Mr.P.Shiv Shankar sworn in as the Governor of Sikkim.
October 29th, 1994: Sikkim Nationalised Transport receives National Productivity  Award from the President of India.
December 12th, 1994: Mr.Pawan Chamling sworn in as the fifth Chief Minister of Sikkim.
June 1st, 1995: Grazing in forest land by cattles banned.
August 8th, 1995: Degree College inaugurated at Namchi.
November 13th, 1995: Mr.K.V.Raghunath Reddy sworn in as the Governor of Sikkim
March 10th, 1996: Chaudhary Randhir Singh sworn in as the new Governor of Sikkim.
1997:Establishment of Mahavidyalaya of Sanskrit at Gyalshing in West  Sikkim
March 4th, 1997: 500 bedded Central Referral Hospital inaugurated.
March 5th, 1997 :Chief Minister, Dr.Pawan Chamling conferred with Bharat Shiromani Award by the President of India, Mr. K. R. Narayanan.
March, 1997: Sikkim becomes the first State to ban the use of non- biodegradable items like plastic bag
April 1997:“Small Family Scheme”  launched to encourage the education of girl child and  Savings Accounts in the name of the school-going girl child also opened.
August 20th, 1997:Scrapping of controversial Rathong-Chu Hydel Project in reverence to  religious sentiments of the people of the region.
May 8th, 1998: Successful inclusion of Sikkim as an eighth member of  the North Eastern Council.
1999:Mr.Danny Denzongpa conferred with Padma Shri
May 6th, 1999:Vice-President of India, Mr.Krishan Kant laid the foundation stone of airport at a Pakyong.
May 20th, 1999: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) conferred Chief Minister, Mr.Pawan Chamling  with  the Greenest Chief  Minister of India Award.
September 1st, 1999:Ace Footballer, Mr.Bhaichung Bhutia conferred with the prestigious Arjuna Award
October 11th, 1999:Dr.Pawan Chamling and his council of Ministers sworn  in for the second consecutive term.
November 12th, 1999:Mr.Pawan Chamling felicitated with Man of Dedication Award 1999 in recognition of his services to the people of the state and the country.
December,1999: Janata Mela – Biggest ever welfare package for Sikkimese poor launched.
January 25th, 2000:Sikkim recieves National Tourism Award for the best performing state in the North East region.
April 22nd, 2000: Union Home Minister, Mr.L.K.Advani visited Sikkim.
June 20th, 2000: Thami, Jogis and Dewan declared as OBCs.
July, 2000: Bhutia, Lepcha, Limbu languages included in North Bengal University.
September, 2000: First Community Information Centre inaugurated in Gangtok
January 2001: Rice at subsidized rate of Rs.4/- per kilogram to the BPL families and 35 kilograms of rice free of cost to the poorest of the poor.
February 2001:Sikkim awarded the Best Tourism performing state in the North East for 1999-2000 for the second consecutive year.
May 1st, 2001: Mr.K.N.Sahani sworn in as the new Governor of Sikkim
August 14th,  2001:Free Hepatitis B vaccine programme for children launched.
September 5th, 2001:Two historic Documents: Sikkim Human Development Report 2001 and Sikkim: The People’s Vision were published  and released by the Prime Minister in Delhi
September 6th, 2001: Computerised Ration Card programme launched
January 2002: Old age pension of ex-servicemen enhanced from Rs. 150  to Rs. 200 p.m.
February 1st, 2002: Governor, Mr.Kidar Nath Sahani inaugurated Head Race Tunnel of Teesta (Stage V) Hydroelectric Project at Dhupidara.
October 25th, 2002: Mr.V.Rama Rao sworn in as the 12th Governor of Sikkim.
December 18th, 2002:Lok Sabha clears deck for tribal status to Tamang and Limboo communities.
2002 & 2003:Sikkim bags Tourism National Award for the best performing state for the fourth consecutive year.
April 11th, 2003: Prime Minister, Mr.Atal Behari Vajpayee visited Sikkim for four days.
April 29th, 2003: First Bio-Diversity park inaugurated at South Sikkim.
May 27th, 2003: Sikkim’s first Chief Minister, Kazi Lhendup Dorji Khangsarpa awarded Padma Vibhusan.
August 21st, 2003: Samman Bhawan inaugurated.
September 8th, 2003:Chintan Bhawan inaugurated.
September 10th, 2003: Confederation of Indian Industry CEOs conclave with the Governor’s and Chief Ministers of North East States held.
October 11th, 2003: Chief Minister, conferred Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) by Manipal University
December 6th, 2003Bicable Jigback Ropeway inaugurated at Deorali.
December 2003:Reservation in all Government jobs revised with 33% of seats  for Scheduled Tribe, 6% to SC and 21 % to OBCs. 30%  reservations for  women in Government jobs, 33 percent in Panchayats for women, 3% for Ex-Servicemen and persons with disabilities and 2% for Sportsperson and artisans of excellence.
January 26th, 2004:Late Sanjog Chhetri was posthumously conferred the prestigious Ashok Chakra by the President of India.
February18th, 2004:Chief Minister, Dr.Pawan Chamling formally inaugurated        135 feet tall statue of Sikkim’s Patron Saint, Guru Padmasambhava at Samdruptse in South Sikkim.
February 28th, 2004:Chief Justice of India, Justice V.N.Khare inaugurated new High Court Building at Sichey.
May 21th, 2004: Dr.Chamling and his Council of  Ministers sworn in for the third consecutive term.
June, 2004: Mr.Nakul Das Rai took oath in Nepali as Sikkim’s lone Lok Sabha M.P.
July 14th, 2004: Eminent Nepali speaking Indian felicitated during Sikkim Samman Sammilan.
August 2004:M.G.Marg declared as litter and spit free zone.
August 6th, 2004:Sikkim ranks first among the smaller states in the field of  Education and among the first three best performing states in the field of Law and Order, Health and Investment scenario at a conclave of Chief Minister organized by India  Today Group.
August 12th, 2004: Janata Bhawan inaugurated in Gangtok.
August 15th, 2004:Former Chief Minister, Kazi Lhendup Dorji Khangsarpa conferred Sikkim’s highest civilian award, Sikkim Ratna.
January, 2005: Mr. G.S.Lama conferred with Padma Shri
April 21st, 2005: His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited Sikkim.
April, 2005: Union Minister for Home Affairs, Mr.Shivraj Patil visits
May, 2005:Union Minister for Finance,  Mr .P. Chidambaram inaugurated  Security Ink Plant of SICPA India Limited  in Mamring.
July 22, 2005: Sikkim Renewal Energy Development Agency (SREDA) Bhawan inaugurated.
August 6, 2005: Sikkim  awarded Best Small State for Investment Environment and Best Small State for Education.
September 18th, 2005: Summiteers of Mt.Khangchendzonga felicitated.
September 22nd, 2005 :The President of India, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam inaugurated ultra modern Paljor Stadium.
October 5th, 2005: Sang Sr School, the oldest school in Sikkim celebrates its 125th Anniversary
December, 2005:Mr.O.T.Lepcha elected as the Member of Rajya Sabha from Sikkim
March 2nd, 2006: Kanchenjunga Shopping Plaza inaugurated.
March 28th, 2006: Sikkim receives Skoch Challenger Award for best usage  of Information Technology.
February 27th, 2006:State Green Mission launched.
March 2006: Chief Minister, Dr.Pawan Chamling visits 6 European Nations for study tour.
April, 2006:Sikkim stood third in best performing state in Panchayati  Raj in India.
April 2006: Chief Secretary inaugurates the Community Information Centre at Sherathang, the Higest Cyber Cafte in the world (Limca Book of Records-2007 edition)
July 6th, 2006: Nathula Trade Route reopens after 44 years and a Trade Mart inaugurated at Sherathang.
August 1st, 2006: Dr.D.K.Gazmer sworn in as the first State Chief Information Commissioner of Sikkim.
August 18th, 2000: Vice-President of India, Mr.Bhairon Singh Shekawat visits Sikkim.
August 29th, 2006: Archer Tarundeep  Rai conferred the prestigious Arjuna Award by the President of India.
September 1st, 2006Sikkim ranks first among the twelve eastern states of India in overall performance, sectors of primary health,       investment environment and budget and prosperity at the 4th State of the States Conclave in New Delhi organized by the India Today.
September 8th, 2006: Indoor Stadium/Multipurpose Community Centre inaugurated at Namchi.
November 18th, 2006: Lepchas accorded Primitive Tribe status.
November 18th, 2006: First Block Administration Centre inaugurated at Yuksom
December 13th, 2006: Rajya Sabha passes Sikkim University Bill 2006.
December 20th, 2007: Chief Minister lays foundation stone for Bhutia Literary Centre.
December 27th, 2006President of India, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam inaugurated 14th National Children’s Science Congress at Sikkim Manipal  Institute of Technology.
January 25th, 2007Sikkim awarded the Best performing state in Tourism in          North East for the year 2005-06.
February 24th, 2007: Sikkim hosts 21st North East Sports Festival.
April 15th, 2007: CM inaugurated Sri Satya Sai Sarva Dharma Kendra at Daramdin.
April 27th, 2007Sikkim hosts 4th Sectoral Summit on Tourism and Hospitality of North Eastern Council.
Jan 10th 2008: Thai trade delegation visists Sikkim
Feb 2008: Baichung Bhutia conferred the Padma Shree
March 14th-16th 2008International Florishow 2008 held at Saramsa Garden Inaugurated by Montek Singh Aluwalia Dy Chairman  Planning commission
Remodelled MG Marg inaugurated
Remodelled Ridge Road inaugurated
April 9th-10th 08: Workshop on E-Governance at Chintan Bhawan
April 19th 2008: Water Shed Memorial inaugurated at Sherathang in  memory of the soldiers who laid their lives
June12th -14th2008Kharif Kisan Mela at Saramsa
May 22th  2008:Mountaineer, including two women from Sikkim scale Mount Everest
June 15th 2008: Foundation stone of Tista Urja Stage III Hydel Project laid at Chungthang  by Dr Pawan Chamling
June 16th, 2008: Sikkim Income Tax Manual of 1948 revoked by theFinance Act 2008 exempting  Sikkimese people from being assessed under the Indian Income Tax Act
July 9th, 2008B.P. Singh sworn as the Governor of Sikkim Inauguration of the Regional Administrative Centre at Karfectar (Jorethang)
Sept 29th, 2008Sikkim Bandh to protest against CM effigy burning incident
Nov 10th, 2008Meeting with Thirteenth Finance commission
Nov 18th, 2008: CM addresses Global  Climate change Summit at California
April 20th, 2009: Sikkim Assembly and Parliamentary elections held New SDF Government installed
July 15th, 2009:10 minutes to earth programme held all over Sikkim in which 6 lac tree saplings planted as part of the State Government’s  Green Mission
Sept17th &18th, 2009: SIKITEX 2009National level Exhibition and Conference organised by Information Technology Department in Chintan Bhawan
Oct 30th, 2009: Laying Foundation Stone of 52.70 km long  railway line between Sevok and            Sikkim at Rangpo Mining Ground by Vice President of India H. Ansari and Union Railway Minister Ms Mamta Banerjee
Dec 5th, 2009: Kumari Selaja Union Minister lays foundation stone of Basic  Services to Urban Poor (BSUP) at Rangpo
Jan 25th,  2010: Sub Office of Reserve Bank of India established in Gangtok
Feb 10th, 2010:Foundation stone of 575 bedded Multi speciality STNM Hospital laid at Suchak gang
Feb 23rd, 2010: The Headquarters of India Reserve Battalion inaugurated at Piplay Jorethang
April 15th, 2010: President visits Sikkim inaugurates ‘Khangchendzonga Tourist Villa’ at Ranka Municipal Elections to urban local bodies held
April 27th,  2010: International Rhododendron Festival held at Lachung/Singba Rhododendron Forest Reserve
June 15th, 2010: 5th Phase of Green Mission and 2nd Phase of 10 minutes to Earth unveiled at Chintan Bhawan by Chief Minister
June 25th, 2010: 10 minutes to Earth programme held all over Sikkim
July 16th, 2010: Common Wealth Games Queen’s Baton arrives in Sikkim
August 7th, 2010: National Seminar on Mountain regions and climate change at Gangtok
August 26th, 2010: CM launches Comprehensive Annual and Total Check up for Healthy Sikkim
Sept 18th, 2010: Governor inaugurates Sikkim Guest House at Salt Lake Kolkata
Oct 7th, 2010: CM inaugurates SIKITEX 2010 an IT exhibition at Chintan Bhawan
Nov 3rd,  2010: CM inaugurates Shridi Sai Baba Mandir at Assangthang
Dec15th, 2010: HH Dalai Lama visits Sikkim
Jan 14th,2011: CM lays foundation stone of Green Park Project and ingurates newly constructed parking Plaza at Jorethang
Jan 21st, 2011: CM inaugurates District Library cum Museum and Car Parking cum Shopping  Plaza in Namchi
Feb 09th, 2011: Horticulture show 2011 inaugurated at Gyalshing
Feb 16th, 2011: Sikkim participates in World Organic Trade Fair in Germany
Feb 26 th, 2011: Sikkim conferred IBN 7 Award as best small state in citizen security
May 17th, 2011: CM embarks on a month long tour around Sikkim
June 28th, 2011: CM inaugurates Government Degree College at Gyalshing
Sept 18th, 2011: Sikkim hit by 6.8 magnitude earthquake
Sept 29th, 2011: Prime Minister visits Sikkim
Oct 25th, 2011: CM lays foundation stone for underground tunnel at Theng North Sikkim
Nov 2nd, 2011: Kanchendzonga Amusement Park at Rank opens
Nov 8th, 2011: Shrideshwar Dham (Char Cham) in Namchi inaugurated.
Nov 11th, 2011:National Education Day observed
Nov 24th & 25th, 2011:3rd IT Exhibition and Conference SIKITEX held
Feb 3th 2012: The MIT Group of Institutions, Pune confers ‘Bharat Asmita Jeewan Gaurav Puraskhar 2012’ to Chief Minister Pawan Chamling.
Feb 14th 2012: Aamir Khan arrives in Gangtok for shooting of ‘Satya Mev Jayate’.
Feb 15-17 th2012: Sikkim hosts 42nd All India Police Science Congress.
Feb 29 th 2012: Sikkim receives 3 national tourism awards from Ministry of Tourism. The awards include ‘The most innovative and unique award’ for the Chaar Dham project.
March 12 th, 2012: Hishey Lachungpa takes oath of affirmation as the Rajya Sabha member from Sikkim in the Upper House of the Parliament.
May 7 th, 2012: Five-day Sikkim Spring Carnival begins in Gangtok.
May 16 th,2012: First State Civilian Awards presented to 29 achievers of Sikkim.
May 19th, 2012: Kazi Sherpa summits Mount Everest to become the sixth Sikkimese mountaineer to do so.
June 24,2012: ‘Satya Mev Jayate’ talk show series of Aamir Khan telecasts Organic Mission of the Sikkim government.
July 11th 2012: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling inaugurates Manan Kendra.
Sep 18th 2012: A 4.1 earthquake rattles Sikkim at 5.56 pm.
Sep 22th 2012: Twenty persons killed when flashflood washes away ITBP and BRO camps at Chungthang, North Sikkim.
Nov 22-23th  2012: SIKITEX (IT Exhibition)  and  eNorth East Awards held at Chintan Bhawan Gangtok
Nov 29 th 2012: Seventh edition of Nathu La border trade concludes for the year.
Nov 30 th 2012: An IAF aircraft crashes into Dzongu, North Sikkim.
Dec 22th, 2012: Sikkim bags four ‘IBN7’ awards as best small State in environment, water and sanitation.
Jan 25th , 2013: Ministry of Home Affairs announces Padma Shree award to Hildamit Lepcha
Jan 26th  2013: H.E. Governor releases Flash Drive during Republic Day Celebrations  prepared jointly by Department of Information Technology and Chief Minister’s Office containing the entire literary works of Hon’ble Chief Minister.
Feb 23-27th 2013: Second International Flower Festival at Sarmasa,
Mar 1th 2013: Smt. R Ongmu becomes the first woman Chief Secretary of Sikkim. Foundation stone of new Tashiling Secretariat laid.
Mar 25th  2013: HH The Dalai Lama consecrates Tathagatha Tsal (Buddha Park) at Ravangla, South Sikkim. The entire programme was webcast  by Department of Information Technology for viewers all across the world.  His Holiness also  launches Ecclesticial  Department Website developed by Department of Information Technology.
Apr 23rd  2013: President Pranab Mukherjee lays foundation stone of Sikkim University campus.
May 17-19th 2013: Three mountaineers from Sikkim summit Mount Everest-Kazi Sherpa, Anand Gurung and Ravindra Kumar. Kazi Sherpa becomes the first double Everester from Sikkim.
May 31th 2013:  Internation al Business Summit held at Chintan Bhawan
June 2nd 2013: Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir inaugurates Sikkim Judicial Academy, Gangtok.
June 6th 2013: CM lays foundation stone of Manav
July 20 2013: Shri Shriniwas Dadasaheb Patil takes oath as the new Governor of Sikkim.
Aug 23 2013:Video Survellance installed at Rangpo Checkpost by Department of Information Technology.
Sept 12th  2013: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) demonstrated by Department of Information Technology at Paljor Stadium
Oct 1st 2013: Laptop distribution to students launched  by HCM at Guards Ground, Gangtok as a part of the  State Flagship programme.
Oct 2nd,2013: Cyber Village Project for Melli Dara being implemented by Department of Information Technology launched  by Honble Governor of Sikkim during Gandhi Jyanti Celebrations.
Oct28th,2013:Consultation meeting with NE States on implementing  of Forest Rights 2006 chaired by Minister DB Thapa
Oct 28th 2013: Human Development Report 2013 released at Manan Kendra
Oct 31th,2013: CS chairs inaugural meeting of State Innovation Council. Dr Sam Pitroda also participates  through Video Conference.
Nov 1th 2013: New army gate ‘Ganju Dwar’ inaugurated at Deorali, Gangtok dedicated to Victoria Cross awardee late Ganju Lama.
Nov 11th 2013: President Pranab Mukerjee inaugurates Science Exhibition at Ipecac Garden
Nov 16th 2013: Cherry Tea Tourism festival inaugurated by Minister Tourism BP Dungel at Temi
Nov 16th 2013: State level Samellan for Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies.
Nov 27th 2013:  Minister of State, Department of  Development of North East Region (DONER) Mr Ghatowar  launches NE Rural Livelihood Project.
Nov 29th 2013: Union Minister Agriculture Sharad Pawar  inaugurates the conference of Ministers for Animal Husbandary of NE States
Dec 12th 2013: 19th Anniversary of the formation of SDF Government observed at Manan Kendra
Dec 20th 2013: Laying of Foundation of India Reserve Battalion at Mangley
Dec 22 – 24th 2013: Winter Carnival organised by Tourism Department at Gangtok
Jan 7th, 2014 NK Jain takes charge as Sikkim CJ
Jan 8th 2014 Compensation enhanced for victims of rape, acid attacks etc.
Jan 15th 2014 CM inaugurates Ngadak Gompa Namchi
Jan 18th 2014 2 day long Agri Horti show at Saramsa. Off  season vegetable mission launched
Jan 26th 2014 Sikkim Information Technology mission  launched by HE the Governor
Feb 2th 2014 Fire ravages Rhenock Bazar
Feb 22th 2014 CM inaugurates Vigyan Bhawan, Samaj Kalyan Bhawan and Soochna Bhawan
Feb 26th,2014 Sikkim Lok Ayukut Bill passed
April 12th,  Voting for Assembly and Lok Sabha
May 16th, 2014 SDF returns to power in Sikkim
May 21th, 2014 Pawan Chamling sworn in as CM for the fifth time
July 14th, 2014 College students go on strike over fee hike.
Sept 4th, 2014 SRM University launched in  Sikkim
Nov 9th, 2014 Retirement age of teachers reduced to 58 years
Dec 12th, 2014 Winter carnival kicks off
Feb 2th, 2015 Sikkim gets 3 national MGNREA awards
Feb 7th, 2015 Rai Gurung Tamang Sherpa launguages included in CBSE curriculum
Mar 29th, 2015 CM lays foundation stone for vocational College at Dentam
Apr 9th, 2015 Three days Build Expo starts in Gangtok
Apr 13th, 2015 HRD Department sets up recruitment board for teachers
Apr 24th, 20152015 Sikkim bags five national awards in Rural Development
May 7th, 2015: Unskilled workers get 5 years job security in local companies
May 16th 2015 Sikkim Civilian Awards to 50 persons
June 12th, 2015 Integrated Checkpost, Mart inaugurated at Sherathang near Nathula
June 18th, 2015 Kailash Manosarovar Yatra(via Nathula)  flagged off from Gangtok
June 21st, 2015 International Yoga Day observed all across the state
Chinese Ambassador in Sikkim
Sept 20th 2015: Cyber Village project of Melli Dara bags the Skoch Award
Oct 2nd, 2015 India Today confers the Cleanest Hill Station Award to Gangtok
Oct 14-16th, 2015 4th International Tourism Mart held at Saramsa Garden. Inaugurated by Miniser of State Dr. Mahesh Sharma
Dec 21st,  2015: Shram Bhawan building at Sokaythang, (Below Convoy Ground) to house the Departments of Labour and Skill Development  inaugurated by Chief Minister.
Jan 12th 2016: CM inaugurates the Organic Market at the Kanchendzonga Shopping Complex, Gangtok
Jan 17th 2016: National conference on “Sustainable Agriculture & Farmers Welfare” inaugurated at Chntan Bhawan by Radha Mohan Union Minister of Agriculture
Jan 18th-19th 2016: Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Sikkim to declare Sikkim as an Organic State
Jan 23rd-31st 2016: Red Panda  Tourism Winter Festival held at Gangtok
May 17th 2016 : The New Sadar Police Station inaugurated by HCM.
July 17th 2016 : Kanchendzonga National Park declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO.
August 1st 2016: Ropeway from Rock Garden Namchi  to Samdruptse inaugurated.
August 13th 2016: Massive landslide blocks Kanaka River at Dzongu North Sikkim resulting in formation of lake. The lake has been named Theenung tek Wishing lake.
August 30th 2016: Sikkim Legislative Assembly ratifies the 122nd Constitution Amendment Bill on Goods and Services Tax (GST)
October 3rd 2016: Shri Vishwa Vinayak Mandir inaugurated at Rhenock by Dinesh Chandra Organising Secy General Vishwa Hindu Parishad in presence of Chief Minister
October 6th 2016: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling receives Sustainable Development Leadership Award from the President of India
November 10th 2016: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling lays the foundation stone for the ropeway to Bhaledunga at Dhapper at Yangang.
January 5th 2017: Sikkim adjudged the 17th best place to visit in the world in 2017 by the New York Times.
January 20th 2017: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling inaugurates Sri Krishna Pranami Mangal Dham Mandir at Namphing Bermoik South Sikkim.
January 21st 2017: Suresh Prabhu, Union Railway Minister interacts with public on Good Governance at Chintan Bhawan, Gangtok
February 17th 2017: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling inaugurates the 1200 MW State III Hydro Electric Project located in Chungthang North Sikkim
April 20th 2017: Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkhari on a 3 day visit to Sikkim. Inaugurates Road project.
May 15th 2017: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling conferred the 1st Bhairon Singh Shekawat Life time Achievement Award by President of India at Jaipur
May 19th 2017: Union Home Minister Raj Nath Singh on a 3 day visit to Sikkim.
June 5th 2017: Gangtok Municpal Corporation alongwith Green Circle, a local environment group  launch an initiative at MG Marg, Gangtok to collect Electronic Waste (E Waste) from the public.
June 15th 2017: China destroys two Indian Army  bunkers at Dokala near the trijunction of Bhutan, India and China
July 1st 2017: Ropeway at Tsomgo lake  inaugurated by Minister Tourism Mr Ugyen Gyatso
July 5th 2017:  The foundation stone of  Sikkim Institute of Science and Technology laid at Chisopani, South Sikkim by Pawan Chamling, Chief Minister

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Name the source of River Tista

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