Road Signs

Driving in the Himalayas is a pleasure with the beautiful scenery unfolding before you. However if it becomes monotonous, the road slogans of the Border Road Organization (BRO) make interesting reading. There is a profusion of slogans on the roads that snake through the Himalayas. It is as though the   highway is personified and talks to you. You will find signs that persuade you to be late, relax give up drinking and take it easy.


The following slogans make  you actually start believing that being late is a good virtue.


  • Better be Mr. late than late Mr.
  • Drive like hell you’ll be there.
  • Drive slowly someone is waiting at home.
  • On the bend go slow friend
  • All will wait. Better be late.
  • Speed is a knife that cuts life
  • Better late than never
  • Accident begins where alertness ends
  • Safety first speed afterwards
  • Live and let live, Drive carefully
  • Give away to earn a way
  • Eager to last then why drive fast
  • Be soft on my curves
  • Reach home in peace not in pieces
  • This is highway not runway
  • Smile on drive takes you miles
  • Safety and speed don’t meet
  • This is not a rally enjoy, the valley
  • Take Heed Don’t Speed.
  • Drive with care make accidents rare
  • Drive with care life has no spare
  • You have a license to drive not to kill
  • Don’t gossip let him drive
  • Keep left it’s the right way to drive
  • No hurry no worry be free
  • Alert today alive tomorrow
  • Lower your gear a Slope is near
  • Life is short don’t make it shorter
  • Over speed is a misdeed
  • The Cat has nine lives you have only one.
  • Hurry Burry spoils the curry
  • Safe driving is more horse sense than horse power
  • No need for over speed
  • Accidents breed when you over speed
  • Blow horn don’t get torn
  • Mountains are a pleasure if you drive with leisure
  • Your hurry our worry
  • While driving if you sleep your family will weep,
  • Beep Beep Don’t Sleep
  • Safe driving is more horse sense than horse power.
  • On the bend, go slow my friend
  • Leave early Drive carefully and reach safely
  • Life is a journey complete it
  • Caution and care make accidents rare
  • Driving faster will cause disaster
  • Fast drive last drive


Then there are road signs that speak against drinking and will make any person seriously think giving up drinking and becoming a teetotaler  Some of them are


  • Driving risky after whisky
  • Driving and drinking form a lethal cocktail
  • Don’t mix drink and drive
  • For safe arriving no liquor while driving
  • Drive on horse power not on rum power
  • Drink and Drive and You won’t survive
  • Drunken driving is injurious to health yours and others
  • Three enemies of road liquor speed and overload


There are even sensuous road signs like

  • Feel my Curves, Do not test than.
  • Darling I love you but not so fast.


Or the stupid one

  • If married, divorce speed

meaning that unmarried drivers have the liberty to drive recklessly.


Then there are the well deserved self praise road signs of the Border Road Organization (BRO)

  • BRO works today for your better tomorrow
  • BRO blood group” is zeal and enthusiasm
  • When the going gets tough the tough get going.
  • Snow clad mountains, scorching deserts, inaccessible pockets, BRO is seen everyone
  • Every wondered who defied death to build these roads- Border Road Organization
  • BRO cuts mountains but joins the hearts


Environment is high on the agenda of the State Governments in the Himalayas and this is manifested in slogans that have been put up on the road side.

  • Life is green when trees are seen
  • Plant a sapling earn a blessing
  • Wealth of the plains depends on the health of the hills
  • You have not inherited the land from the past, but borrowed it from the future
  • Nature has everything to meet Man’s need but not his greed
  • The trees are god’s great alphabet with them he writes in shining green Across the world his thoughts serene
  • Nature breathes through the trees
  • Save trees to save life
  • Trees can reduce the carbon footprint to a tiptoe
  • Plastic is Drastic
  • Mother planet is showing us the red warning light be careful she is saying to take care of the planet is to take care of our own house
  • He who plants a tree plants a hope
  • We are not passengers on spaceship earth, we are all crew
  • Trees are the kindest things I know
    They do no harm they simply grow
    The more they are the much it is better
    So let us take a pledge and come together
    Stop deforestation and work without buts
    Plant two more for every tree that is cut
    Against the difference all should care
    So greenery can spread everywhere

Sadly one also comes across a number of memorials to the brave but unsung road builders who lost their lives while converting this impenetrable land into a readily accessible area.


(These road slogans were picked up by the author during his travels in Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand  and  Ladhak)



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