Things to carry checklist


Keep a check list ready at a prominent place and use it to pack your things before travelling. It will help you pack within 5 minutes and   get over the nagging “Have I  forgotten something?” feeling  before you travel.

Clothes: For the lower altitudes-light sweater, tee- shirts etc. For the higher altitudes – jacket with woollen lining, monkey cap, mufflers, wind-cheaters, long-johns, woollen socks and gloves. During the monsoons, a small umbrella, raincoat and gum-boots should be carried. Anti-glare snow- goggles & snowboots for snow prone areas.


Soap           towel                   toothpaste                  toothbrush               shaving cream        face cream               shaving brush                          razor with blades            hair-oil                       comb                    toilet paper small mirror,        shoe polish & brush                             washing powder                              soap strips

Mosquito repellent will be required  if travelling in low altitudes portable iron

For those with a nausea tendency, paper bags in which one can vomit and throw away may be carried


Torch         Match & candles               small lock for the hotel room,    Small alarm clock                       lock and chain to secure luggage,                                           Portable transistor/MP3 player

Medicine kit (see checklist below)       Hot water bag if travelling to very cold places                              Small Iron to press clothes                                                      spare spectacles if using spectacles                          Guide book  on the region                                                                                                Airline and Railway timetable           ATM   Card       Credit Card Cell/Cell phone charger Frequent flyer no card                                                                             Visiting    Cards       A photo copy  of the important pages of your passport, ID Card,  Driving Licence                   Address book containing all important phone numbers Universasl Adaptor(if from abroad)

It is particularly  useful to have access to telephone numbers of the following so that you can enquire about train and flight timings and makelast minute changes, cancellations, report loss of credit, documents etc. :

Travel Agent where you booked your ticket

Airline Reservation                               Airline enquiry                         Railway Reservation

Railway enquiry                     Bank                                        Credit Card  Company

Debit card Company              Hotel where you will be staying Taxi Service


Digital cameras have opened new avenues for the traveller.It would be worthwhile to carry the following and click away. Take as many shots as possible and delete the ones not required later on.

5Mega pixel 30 mm  to 300mm optical zoom (Digital SLR Camera 8 Megapixel  for professionals)

Macro lens for closeups                    500 mm telephoto                   UV filter                  Polariser                                  Camera Carry bag             Camera Stand

Spare memory card                          Battery charger                        Lens cleaner

Spare battery (in cold regions batteries can discharge very fast)


Diseases & Medicines

This area is more of less free from any types of infectious diseases that the tourist may contract here. However you can contract diarrhoea if you partake to contaminated food or water. Drink only mineral or boiled water and do not eat stale food. Some people are found to be suffering from Tuberculosis: avoid contact with them. Places less than 2000 metres in altitude have mosquitos during the monsoons and therefore one should carry mosquito repellants. People prone to car sickness should carry adequate medicines: the roads have thousands of bends. To prevent diseases from amoebas, drink only boiled water. Bring along your customary medicines.

Medicine Kit

It may be worthwhile carrying the following while travelling or trekking:

Asprin like Disprin tablets & Vicks ointment for headaches;

Paracetamol like Crocin tablets for fever;

Antihistamine tablets like Avil for allergies;

Antiacidity tab­lets like Digene for acidity;

Laxative tablets for constipation;

Antidiarrhoeal tablets like Imodium or Lomotil and rehydration mixture for diarrrhoea;

Anti­biotic tablets like Septran  or Amoxcillin;

Prochlorperazine or Avomine  for nausea for vomitting (useful for people who have a tendency to vomit when travelling by vehicle);

Diuretic tablets like Lasix for mountain sickness;

Iodex ointment & crepe bandage for sprains;

Antiseptic lotion like Dettol & cotton and bandage for cuts,

Water purification  iodine tablets

Burnol ointment for burns & Vaseline to prevent chapping of the skin in windy places,

Multivitamins to supplement your diet if intake of good food is restricted;

Scissors and tweezers.

Other medicines that are normally taken for ailments should also be carried as per personal needs.