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Gangtok is a bustling, modern town  teeming with package tourists and seems to be out of place with Sikkim. If you must see Sikkim  you must go to the villages and country-side and one way of doing this is by trekking. Most of the trekking routes are few tens of kilometres from major towns but going there is like travelling many hundred years back into time. The best months to trek in Sikkim are March to May and September to November. However hiking at altitudes above 4500 metres should be avoided in March and April because the winter snow still persists on the ground and sometimes there is even heavy snowfall during these months making it difficult to locate the path. Most of the so called places on trekking routes in remote areas have just a herders’ hut or a shed and some places have nothing at all but just wilderness and you wonder how they de­rived their names in the first place. The places have names that are whispers on the wind: Yoksum, Zongri, Varsey, Maenam, Tolung. Some routes are so remote that you can walk for days together without seeing a soul.

Trekking in Sikkim can be a wonderful experience- an antidote to city stress of daily life- and its memories are cherished lifelong. While trekking one relishes the pure air and the silence of the wilderness and feels the awakening of senses dulled by urban living. Although trekking can make you physically exhausted, it can heighten your spirits and stir your soul.  And the gruelling trek can leave you famished when the most distasteful food tastes like gourmet fare.  As one walks through the vales and dales and past quaint villages which time has forgotten, mountains take up strange and wonderful shapes and the beauty of the Himalayas unfolds itself before you. The stunning beauty can leave you awestruck and  struggling for words to describe it. As you trek, identifying peaks, mountains, rivers and places around you becomes a good pastime. And whether you can climb the next hilltop becomes more important than anything else in life. From a distance these mountains – many times wreathed in clouds – may seem formidable and unapproachable but as you near them they seem to welcome you into the forests vibrant with life. They are so tantalizing near yet so frustratingly far. Although each and every nook and corner of Sikkim – from the sultry tropical forests in the south to the howling wilderness in the north and from the razor-edged Singelila range in the west to the undulating Chola range in the east – is a trekkers paradise, the following routes are worth a mention. These routes encompass all the treks that have been recently opened to foreigners.