Vision and Mission


  • To make Sikkim a 100% literate State by 2015.
  • To make Sikkim an organic State by 2015.
  • To transform Sikkim into an ideal State with a strong civil society by 2015.
  • To generate 5000 MW of power by 2015.
  • To make Sikkim strong and prosperous.
  • To fulfill the wishes of the people with determination and compassion
  • To make Sikkim free from poverty, illiteracy, debt, crime, drugs & AIDS and other diseases.
  • To make Sikkim corruption free.
  • To make Sikkim another Singapore in the economic sector.
  • To transform Sikkim into a State like Cuba and Japan in health services.
  • To achieve the status of education of countries like Netherlands, Norway and Singapore.
  • To follow the example of Germany, France and Australia in the field of animal husbandry.
  • To earn fame at par with Switzerland, Austria, Fiji, Mauritius and Paraguay in eco-tourism.
  • To build a strong civil society like that of America, Canada and other European countries.
  • To transform Sikkim into the best state of the country and also become a source of inspiration to others.
  • To enrich all Sikkimese people mentally, physically and spiritually and to inculcate in them a sense of respect towards elders.
  • To make Sikkim into a producer state.
  • To make Sikkim the best welfare and happiest state.
  • To make Sikkim the ultimate eco-tourism destination.
  • To make Sikkim a land of opportunities with zero unemployment zone.

State Missions

v Chief Ministers Rural Housing Mission  v Dairy Mission v Energy & Power Sector Mission v Economic Development Mission v Forestry and Environment Mission v Mission Poverty Free Sikkim v Mission Healthy Sikkim v Sikkim Co-operative Mission v Social Security Mission v Sikkim Human Resource Development Mission v Sikkim Youth Empowerment & Self Reliant Mission v Total Literacy  Mission v Eco-Tourism Mission v Tourism Mission v Total Connectivity  Mission v Life Stock Self Sufficiency Mission v Local Talent Promotion Mission v Water and Sanitation Mission v Village Development Mission v Eco Tourism Mission v Poultry Mission v Vision and approach for urban development in Sikkim v Information Technology Mission